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Yho, Life Coach, can you help Teenagers?

Teenagers ask Questions of a Life Coach.

By Bruce Curle `Published about a year ago 3 min read
Yho, Life Coach, can you help Teenagers?
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"What can a Life Coach do for a Teenager?"

A well-trained Life Coach can assist anyone that is eager to move to a higher level of achievement or function in school or life in general.

For a Teenager, this could mean assisting them with strategies to succeed in school, sports or their workplace.

Teenagers could get assistance finding answers to the "How to" questions in their young lives.

Imagine a teenager being able to bounce ideas and desires off their Life Coach to design the future they want for themselves.

The Life Coach will help teenagers look at all the directions they are going in life and help them find balance. Maybe along the way, they discover many skills they have not truly explored or appreciated.

"WOW, that is more than I thought! "

It is imperative to remember the Life Coach is not there to tell you what you want or what to do.

This is your agenda; your ideas and your coach will help you focus on problem-solving and watch you shine.

Remember, your coach is a collaborative partner that will assist you on your journey to change to find future success.

Before we go too far, remember that a Life Coach is not a therapist. The past is something for an excellent, well-trained therapist or family doctor to assist you with. They will assist you in reaching for the stars in the here and now.

Before I forget, listen up real good. A Life Coach is also not where you go to blame others, accuse others or feel sorry for yourself.

"If I cannot complain to you or blame the system, why do I need a Life Coach "

Maybe you do not need a Life Coach; if you want to complain and blame others, a Life Coach cannot help you very much.

Now here is a big word, "RESPONSIBILITY."

If you are ready to take responsibility for your life and where you want it to go. A Life Coach will help you find the way to a brighter present and future.

Imagine for a moment; you figure out a way to arrive to class on time, work out for the team and still work two nights a week.

It will not be easy, but by identifying areas to focus on and making achievable goals, you could be looking at a whole new you. Before you know it, these changes will be noticed by the teaching staff, coaches and parents.

If you have problems from the past or anxiety issues, a good counsellor or therapist can help.

At the same time, a good Life Coach can help you make realistic choices in the here and now.

And find success while a counsellor or therapist helps you work through mental health issues.

A One, Two Punch!

I guess you are right, and you see, the teenager is already starting to figure this whole thing out.

Imagine already knowing something about your goals in life.

How to achieve your goals and have fulfillment before you graduate high school.

That one-two-punch, as you call it, will put you ahead of others as you move forward to the workforce, college, and trade schools.

You will already be able to identify and maintain healthy choices and maybe even eat better.

I can always come back to you for a refresher!

Anything is possible.

You might even find a group session with other young adults that will help.

Remember, Life Coaches are not a miracle cure; the coach is there to help provide structure, watch you shine and show you different tools to assist you. Always be honest with your Life Coach and be open to creative suggestions.

I guess a Life Coach can Help a Teenager.

Remember, a Life Coach will encourage you, support positive change be supportive.

A Life Coach will help you develop a plan and a goal and will also help redirect you when you start to go off the path you set for yourself.

The Path is Rougher than it looks. Photo by Warren Curle 2021

Authors' Notes

Bruce Curle worked many years with teenagers and has taken courses through different Life Coaching Schools and programs. Bruce, Supports the IFC and their principles and their code of conduct.

These questions are based on online questions asked by a teenager to Bruce over some time.


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A Fifty something male that enjoys writing short stories, scripts and poetry. I have had many different types of work over my lifetime and consider myself fairly open minded and able to speak on many topics.

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    Bruce Curle `Written by Bruce Curle `

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