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A story about loss and the struggle afterwards

By Carol TownendPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
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I stood by the road in shock. We had been trying to stop your dad from drink-driving, but it was too late. He was too far gone for us to stop him from getting in that car. You were determined to follow him, but it's ok, I understand; you were trying to protect your dad. Any caring son would have done that, but I wasn't prepared for the car crash that followed There was a sudden screech off wheel's, followed by a loud crash. I shut my eyes and refused to look, when I opened them again there were police and ambulance services surrounding you. I froze, heartbroken with tears streaming down my face. "How could he do that to his own son?" You would have asked me to forgive him for being an alcoholic, and I'm sorry but I just can't. He destroyed your life, your mum's life and, your ten- year old sisters life, and he left me heartbroken for many long years.

I still remember all those mornings on the way to high school. We used to catch the bus together. We had lots of laughs and fun together, and you were always looking out for me. I was being bullied because I went to an all-girls school, but you were always there with a shoulder to cry on, and you stood up for me all the time. You were someone I deeply cared about, and you were also my friend.

Your mum and your sister were devastated. I had to be strong for myself and them. We visited you in hospital so many times, but you wouldn't know because you were in a coma for months. One fateful Friday, we came to see you but the staff who greeted us weren't smiling like they used to. They broke the news as gently as they could, and as they told us that you had passed away, they had tears in their eyes too. I and your mum didn't know how to tell your little sister, as we knew it would break her. She knew about death, but all she knew was that people who died became angels. I tried to support your mum in the best way I could, but I was the one to tell your sister because your mum just couldn't bring herself to do it.

Your dad passed away the month before you. I and your mum spent so many days angry, upset, hurt and crying. We had good memories, but that morning before the crash, your dad had smashed up the lounge and taken the keys, leaving you and your mum in a badly damaged home. We weren't angry with you, we were angry with him. Alcohol does things to people, and it can make them act out of sorts at times. You see, we had tried to help your dad for many months, but he often denied he had a problem. He became violent with it, which terrified me and your mum, and we didn't know what to do.

On the rare days when your dad wasn't drinking, we would play football on the field. On those days he was warm and he had a heart of gold. I think your dad loved your mum, but love wasn't enough to make him stop drinking. He was too addicted, and he never recognised the consequences of his drink. Your dad had heart and liver problems which were being made worse by the drink, but he didn't understand enough to want to give it up.

Your dad once told me the story of his own childhood. You see Tony, his dad used to drink too, but he used to beat him and abuse him for it. People were racist to your family, they used to pick on you, call you nasty names, smash your windows and destroy your home. Your mum couldn't go out by herself because she was scared, and I think that added to your dad's problem.

People used to pick on me for being white. They didn't like the idea of a black man dating a white girl. However to hell with what they think! I thought the world of you and your family. Your little sister used to cook with me and go on day trips in the park with me. She let me brush her hair, and we used to sing songs together. I remember me and you taking her to that park, we would pack a picnic and take turns pushing her on the swings, we would stay there for hours.

These memories still make me cry. I still have empathy with your dad for having a problem he could not understand or control, but he took someone I love away from me, and that is unforgivable. Every day, I and your mum miss you, and we remember with a mixture of love, tears and, pain. All we can do is pray for you, but we can only see an angel in the sky now. Never forget we love you.

The consequences of alcohol can devastate family lives, not just while you are living but once you are gone. This is a true story based on my experiences of losing someone I loved while trying to save his dad's life after he attempted driving after drinking. If you have an alcohol issue, please get help, don't allow yourself or your loved ones to suffer the consequences.

If you liked this story please heart it or kindly tip me. This story was painful to write, and it is written based on a true experience. The effects of racism also devastated this family's life, so please be kind.


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