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Two Creations

Both for the Sky

By Hannah FichtnerPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Top Story - June 2024

Ferocious beast, why dost thou roar, when charging into the blue?

Why not take up silently, as all mine brethren do?

Little fluff, why dost thou whisper, when flight you take so true?

Why not announce thine skill in air, as only a bird can do?

Roaring creature, created I was by divinity Most High.

Shall I flaunt as your hubris does, when I take to the sky?

Hubris you say? Hubris may be. But I call it an act of mimicry.

Created man saw created thing, and wished to reach heights as he.

Metal armor, strong as steel, why dost thou need such things?

Is it for wicked nights with violence sent to rip apart thy wings?

Feathers you have, yet talons too, fierce and curved to kill.

You too fight to protect that most dear, your battle cry chilling and shrill.

Lifeless you are, yet life you bring, and those in pain you lift

Protection sent from the highest air, but escape your final gift

All life you are, all sweetness and grace, all creatures look to you

You give man a reason to raise his head, and start each day anew

Noble metal carrying those who cannot fly themselves

Guard thy cargo with all thy strength, that they live long and well

Precious being, living beauty, forever first in flight

Let thy doves announce the morning, and mockingbirds the night.


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HFWritten by Hannah Fichtner

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