The Worst Summer

by Maelyn Jeffers about a year ago in trauma

Being a Prisoner

The Worst Summer

The summer that I will never forget started with the stupidest mistake. As a young girl at the age of 13, I was just like any other girl. I had secrets that any girl this age would have, so I decided to write about them in a diary on the computer. During this time, we had the floppy disc, so I had a pink one, and I used this as my diary. Every night before I went to bed I would use this to vent about school and anything else that I was going through. All the things I was going through included having a boring summer, wanting to talk to my crush, and how I didn't want to live with my abusive stepfather. I wrote about how I didn't like being abused and molested and how I didn't want to be mean to my mom. My stepfather didn't like us to talk to our mother or spend time with her at all so if we did we were in trouble. Anyways, I can remember this day like it was yesterday I was sitting on the computer and I decided it was getting late and I needed to take a shower, so I got up and did so. Little did I know I left my floppy disc in the computer and that my stepfather was going to take advantage and read it. Honestly, I believe that a day or so went by before I realized that I lost my diary, the day I was reminded was when my stepfather called me into my room and told me to close the door. When he said close the door you knew that one or two things was going to happen, one I was about to be molested etc. or two I was about to get one of the worst beatings of my life. I remember being questioned for hours that night about which boys I liked and if I loved my mom or if I loved him. My sisters were also questioned as well but then he finally brought up the floppy disc and that’s when I knew why all these things were happening. That night I was in for one of the worst summers of my life. That night my stepfather introduced a new kind of punishment, he told me to go outside and just stand there. I had no shoes on or anything and I was just told to stand there. This was one of the first times I literally watched the sky turn from night to day. I was still questioned a million times and I was beaten by his fist and told that from that point forward I was in another boat. For him this meant that I was no longer his family and I was more like an enemy because I wrote about in my diary. He couldn’t stand the thought of someone being “against him.” Anyway, long story short my summer was filled with unlikable beatings. I was beaten naked with a belt almost every day. I was raped, and I was once tied to the post of parent’s bed and beaten naked. One day I thought I could get a break from the pain so I screamed that I had to use the bathroom thinking, “Ok he’ll stop beating me.” Nope! That didn’t happen. Instead, he came in the bathroom and beat me while I was sitting on the toilet, and then, after, he proceeded to tie me back up to the bed and gagged me with a sock so my little brother wouldn’t hear me in the room. It seemed like this summer all he had was time and I felt like it was never going to end. I wasn’t allowed to watch TV, eat, or talk to anyone, I just had to sit there until night time came and I was sent outside because my stepfather “couldn’t stand the thought of me.” This summer was filled with even more unthinkable things, but I can’t even continue typing because the pain is coming back……

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