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The myth of Reality

We are the masters of our reality. It's just a reflection of how we perceive ourselves and how others see us.

By Ahmad ZubairPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
The Myth of Virtual Reality

When I talk to my kids about life, they always ask me if it is real. For them growing up, the constant question of “is it real?” was used as an example of self-actualization.

So much so that it becomes their way of dealing with reality, which helps them become who they already were, but also guides them to achieve greatness by giving them hope. The word "reality" can be defined in several ways.

However, one definition I found interesting was the one given by Sartre in his book A First Truth. He said that reality is something we create when we try to control or manipulate it. Nowadays people try to have better relationships with reality by creating fake or artificial identities online.

They think that when a new person comes to meet them, they’ll think they’ve met someone. And then they might ask themselves all sorts of questions like:

• Do you know what your true identity is?

• Does everyone around you believe you’re the same person?

Some people even make fake accounts on social media sites pretending to be what they want to be. Sometimes there’s no connection between reality and the person you are, your character, or anything that you tell yourself or do.

People think it makes sense because they feel they have to face the problems caused by reality, but for them, it does nothing but scares them. They don’t want to face any uncertainties about themselves or other people, and they want to live a different reality where everything will be perfect and all will go smoothly.

This false world only lasts until we lose sight of what is real. So for us, the reality is not there anymore. It’s just a reflection of how we experience ourselves. There is another version of reality. That reality is a product of reality.

All it takes is some effort to create a fictitious reality. This is called simulation. It often plays out as either a fiction novel or a reality TV show. Simulation and illusion can be combined to create a unique experience that doesn’t exist in reality. This kind of illusion is how many things are created by humans.

As discussed earlier on, the fake world is one of art. You can say this type of illusion has existed for ages. Most things that are portrayed and thought to be real are made by people to make them look real. Humans invented this illusion with the idea to impress society.

Here is an example for your understanding, we created fake paintings or sculptures from nature because these objects are made by people and are expensive to buy. Even though they look like rocks or trees, they’re just copies of nature. Many people who play dumb roles pretend to love someone, and they act like they are the heart of their partner’s life. Also, when you give yourself a haircut or make a haircut, you are probably thinking that it looks great and you feel good.

This is why I suggested that people don't want to confront reality. Because they’re scared of its consequences, or maybe it makes them look bad. So they prefer to stay away from reality. Instead of confronting the real world, they go into a fictional world to avoid facing the reality.

There is only one place where we can face the real world and confront our responsibilities, our fear of uncertainty. And I think the easiest way is in the movies. Movies can be a part of reality, too. Just look at the movie Fight Club, a very realistic comedy about teenagers.

Most people go to watch it to escape reality because they have a lot to deal with in their lives. Maybe they have to deal with peer pressure, or they have to face problems related to their job, or family life. Or maybe they have to face issues in their personal life like bullying, drug abuse, or even getting raped.

As they have to face these situations, they start having a hard time seeing what the actual truth is.

• What do we think about this situation?

• Where would you be in this condition?

• Do you think you’re going to die eventually?

• How long will it take until you get rid of the bad feelings you’ve had in the past days?

• Why did you end up here?

• What were you trying to hide from yourself?

These are questions that most of us will have. To avoid them, we need to do something for ourselves. Something that we think will help us and make each day easier. Something that we’ll look awesome in front of other people and tell everyone that we are amazing and beautiful.

It’s important for us that we get through difficult times, and be strong and strong-willed enough to face them without losing ourselves. No matter what the situation is, we can never be okay when we’re sad, angry, or tired. If we’re going to let sadness, anger, or exhaustion affect our physical state of being, we need to make sure that we fight back.

We need to make ourselves stronger. And most of us can never learn how to be strong until we face a scary situation. Our body will teach us all about resistance to change. Every time we encounter change, it’s like an earthquake; we get hurt again and again. This is why it’s so important to face tough stuff and to find the power to resist it.

Maybe someday in tomorrow’s reality, we’ll have a chance to be happy and enjoy every moment of our existence. Perhaps in our best moments, we can enjoy our romantic partners and children, as well as the moments they aren’t with us.

Maybe in our worst moments, we can enjoy life or something else outside of reality. So it’s not necessarily true that we need to avoid reality. Sometimes we just need to turn up a little bit higher. At least that’s my opinion.


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