Beyond the Blues
Beyond the Blues

The Glorification of Depression and Its Disastrous Consequences

The sad bandwagon

The Glorification of Depression and Its Disastrous Consequences

15 Habits of People With Concealed Depression


WARNING: What you're about to read may SEEM heartless.

If this article above is the case then everyone's depressed. I personally find this to be yet another pandering article written for people to out-depress each other and pick up more quirky annoying little habits they THINK they're being mysterious about because it's the only attention they like to get instead of getting off their behinds, going outside and getting some form of exercise. Feelings of sadness and nonacceptance are natural feelings EVERYONE goes through at times. To actually SUFFER from DEPRESSION is REAL for many people. Unfortunately, like with gluten, tons of people feeling out of the trendy loop jumped onto the latest illness craze making a mockery of those who actually feel they're expelling half of their intestines out after eating a slice of bread. Most people claiming to be "depressed" these media fueled days are in all actuality just sad. I'm not a doctor. My opinion is only based on observation from people I see, know and read throughout social media. Sad is okay. Sad is GOOD. It helps you appreciate happiness much more when you find yourself in the midst of it. You do not need dangerous drugs for sad nor do you don't need 200 likes on your sad selfie in order to get help. No one cares that you lay around in your jammies all day while everyone else goes to work (some of whom are actually suffering from depression and don't even know it as many REAL sufferers don't). You CANNOT always see depression. At least not if you go by the type articles above. But you can express love to those around you in hopes that at least one kind gesture or whatever clustering of words you manage to spit out of your simple little mouth can actually lift them up for another day, week or year. In other words, UNIVERSAL KINDNESS may not be a cure but it can go a long way.

As heartless as this all may seem I'm not knocking those who truly ARE depressed. I'm knocking the hoards of weak minded people taking attention away from the truly mentally ill.

So, if you happen to be one of those modern day emotional vultures or psychic vampires, before you go shopping through the list at the top of this rant for more "symptoms" to drag around your family and friends so they can once again ask in their recycled concern for you, "What's wrong? Are you okay? Would it help if I stay I home and fake suffer with you?" then STOP! You're not Eeyore. You're a strong mamajamma just like nature made you and you CAN survive. You CAN live. You CAN get up and make a HUGE difference not only in your own life but the lives of others. More love, fewer pills. It's UNFAIR to dilute true public concern for those who are truly suffering inside because they're too afraid of coming off like a lame-o such as yourself. Instead, you can set a better example actually HELPING those who truly suffer from depression and STILL get attention. GOOD POSITIVE ATTENTION.

I wish I could hug the truly depressed. The ones holding on to each day smiling, hustling and getting the job done with those horrible seeds taking root deeper inside of them as they smile, encourage and probably never complain. The depression that you don't see because it's hidden behind a smile of hope and not hovered over an audience of blood thirsty wolves daily on social media while you set up lighting to cry into a photo you KNOW you're gonna attach for better theatrics. There is nothing cute, sexy, romantic, or beautiful about depression or suicide. Flaunting it around like a college degree you cheated for with a poised sad selfie is attention baiting at its most pathetic.

"Anger is a gift."

Anger is vigor.

Anger is alive.

Anger can be far more productive than slumped over self-pity. I'd rather be the one on a hill screaming "Screw the world!" than on a mountain top telling the world it can walk all over me.

All in all, if you or someone you know is depressed please call The Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. If that doesn't help speak with a someone you normally don't see often. We as people often find ourselves in a rut even when surrounded by those we love. A new perspective on things can truly help and is often much needed.


Rooster Robinson
Rooster Robinson
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