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Self-care is highly important.

I am doing me. I am on my self-care routine in full motion.

By Angelina F. ThomasPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Self-care is highly important.
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I am so finished with that jerk's verbal abuse and never desired any of the verbal abuse, verbal aggression, and menacing threats from a man aggravatedly berating me only because I tried to be his friend. When he was in the wrong for the hateful choice of words he chose instead of changing for the best he grew hateful and nasty. I wasn't hateful and nasty but I stood up for myself verbally and in writing and the haterade spilled out of him, he had the nerve to cry his heart out like his intentions were to be nothing but hateful and play the victim. I am full-fledged on my self-care routine and I won't hop off of my self-care routine ever. Fuck allowing any man to make me feel like I am in the dead wrong when I am in the right forgive me my words may be spilled out wrong but I spilled the tea didn't I? I'm good, I refuse to be hurt over, and over, and over again, and again. I feel so hurt and I don't have anyone but me to self-soothe. Oh well, you bet I am doing it, and doing it well. I sat there and took it and took it and took it and said not one word I smiled a couple of times to say, " I am here for you, but you don't listen or take heed." "I am so done with this BS." And clearly, I was done I refused to go back and forth and argue. I chose wisdom since I am not going to let this man argue and physically abuse me too. I will not allow any form of abuse from anyone. The 0 tolerance policy for haterade is in full effect. Respect the rules of my house or stay 1,000 feet or more away from my physical person including where I live and where I come home. Abuse is not permitted herein my sanctuary of love and understanding. I can be very therapeutic and that is possibly why he continued to return and enjoy my home with me. I care about this man whose name I desire strongly to leave unspoken since I refuse to dignify writing his name in this beautiful specimen. He is beautiful however he needs unconditional love and genuine help. He seems damaged and emotionally disturbed I feel hurt and sad for him, I will choose to love this dude from a very long distance as best as I can for my safety. Unfortunately, his judge decided against me as if I did not count in this world for Jack. I am sick and tired of every time I need the authorities and the structure of the law to provide the safety provide protection that they can give so easily they fail me every single time to protect and serve my needs and the needs of my community. It is as if the law structure thinks and is automatically set up to fail those who genuinely have a need for protection and a safe community from aggravated verbally aggressive Halitosis feet stinky Dennis the menace. How come I must feel like coaxing and begging him to let me wash his garments? It really hurts. How do I know he will not break into my buddy's house where I reside and shoot me in cold blood or break my bones while I am trying to sleep? Or bitch slap me out of my sleep and I give instant retaliation physically and do something that may harm him unintentionally. I dislike harm to me or anyone no matter who they are. I guess I will write myself to sleep or not.


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Angelina F. Thomas

I am a very beautiful mother of mixed daughters with expensive taste. I hope and pray to my Abba father that my wishful thinking and my ability to dream huge truly pays off. So be it. Amen.

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