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Review of Janet Bloom's Book Co-Parenting Hell: Raising Healthy Kids With a Narcissistic Ex

by Rahau Mihai about a month ago in book reviews
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The author of this book is a divorced mother of young children. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-Version 5 definition of narcissistic personality disorder provided by the American Psychiatric Association is presented at the beginning of the book (DSM-V). The author bases the book's description on her own experiences while also using academic articles from the American Psychiatric Association. The book is structured as a memoir and guide for other parents in a similar position. She speaks of finding emotional liberation and tranquility. However, she alludes to "my ex (the bastard)" a few pages later. Hmmm.

The author gives a description of narcissists and their traits. The majority of them are connected to her own experience and her observations of her ex-conduct. husband's It wasn't apparent to me if she was referring to professional works or just her personal experience of her ex-husband when she mentioned his narcissistic traits.

The author discusses narcissistic characteristics consistent with the DSM-V criteria in relation to her personal experience and professional works. She discusses her experiences and opinions in a conversational style that I found to be simple to follow and comprehend.

She talks about how early familial influences helped to shape the narcissistic personality disorder. She is quite clear that individuals do not choose to have this illness. It is a condition that frequently runs in families and may be genetically predisposed to some extent.

The problems of separating from a narcissistic spouse who is not being truthful in negotiations are further discussed in the book. The author explains how these individuals attempt to influence the law, the courts, and even their ex-relatives spouse's for their own benefit. Negotiating with someone like that is often futile.

In order to keep the arrangements under control, it may be necessary to balance and coordinate the amount of time that each spouse spends with the children. The author offers a comprehensive list of potential co-parenting concerns and offers concrete solutions for each one.

Additionally, topics that point to the need of counseling for kids affected by divorce and their post-divorce challenges are covered. Among other resources, counseling is considered as "essential to co-parenting success," although it is not specified how therapy may benefit parents.

The author discusses a wide range of problems that might occur while co-parenting with a narcissist. She also offers detailed advice on how to handle each of these problems. She discusses complicated issues involving family members and how narcissistic ex-spouses may control them.

She emphasizes the importance of taking care of oneself in her closing remarks. She also emphasizes the need of taking the time and making the effort to heal from the trauma of being married to or the ex-spouse of a narcissist, particularly when children are involved. Although each of these problems could call for therapy, the author doesn't go into detail on how a therapist can assist in this process. She does, however, go through a long number of options that one may take in order to recuperate from this very trying sequence of circumstances.

The easiest method to deal with these issues, according to the author, is to avoid being involved in a relationship with a narcissist. This conclusion is one I totally agree with. However, narcissists are incredibly alluring and may put on a fake face for a time. If you ever find yourself in this predicament, this book may be able to provide you a helpful guide through the narcissistic undergrowth.

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