Beyond the Blues
Beyond the Blues


by india 7 months ago in recovery

Getting your mental health is personal...


It’s not about them anymore.

I say.

I feel peace. I want me...

Getting my mental health together was the most important thing I could do.

Once upon a time I was this irate, emotional , unstable being. I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders. I suffered in silence for yearssss.

It was important for me to find peace and get the damaged thoughts out of my head. I wanted to take care of me. Gain control of my mental health. I wanted to be control of who I was.

I’ve became tied by who society wanted me to be. Tied by life. Tired was not me. I was TIED.

One day, I decided I was gonna take a spiritual journey. This spiritual journey was gonna help me become the “better me.”

I took control of my mental health by working out. Exercising was the key. Being in the gym made me happy. I was able to express my anger there. There’s no such thing as being too aggressive in a gym. Right? I felt I was in a safe haven.

My second step was to rid toxicity out of my mind. Separate it. I was aware of issues coming about because of the things I was hearing. The negative voices in my head. I was my own critic. I was my worst enemy. I needed to change my thoughts. So I did... I changed everything. It was not simple and did not happen overnight. Changing my thoughts was one of the toughest things I experienced. In order for me to change my thoughts, I needed to change my lifestyle. I needed to change things I listened to, food I ate, people I hung around, things I did on a daily basis. Every time I caught myself thinking about negativity, I said something positive. I thought something positive. Your thoughts make your reality... don’t let them ruin you. I learned to be nicer to myself. How you treat people is a reflection of how you treat yourself... how you treat people is usually projection.

Those steps alone made me feel liberated. I was a total badass. No one could touch me. Nothing could hurt me. My mental health was stronger than anything. So I thought...

I was broken one day. Traumatized. Closure was needed. I was ready to forgive those who hurt me. I found myself in therapy. Therapy was an interesting place. Therapy is something everyone needs. That was the place I could talk and not be judged. The place where no answer was wrong or right. Feelings were not unheard of. That was a place I needed to be. In therapy I gained knowledge about how to change the things I say. How to avoid unnecessary arguments with people. How to fully forgive.

I was able to attend therapy for free.

College students? The university or college you attend usually has a student health center where you can speak with someone for free.

That’s what I did.

My mental health became a tree. No one could break me.

Sometimes I get upset but I do not let my emotions control me. I control my emotions. It’s okay to feel depressed, unhappy, sad, but do not let yourself drown in sorrow.

Protect your peace by any means.

Love thy self.

Menatal health is everything.

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