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Only by understanding the complexity of human nature can the true feelings not be ruthlessly abandoned

by Clara 2 months ago in advice
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To understand the complexity of human nature can lead to a better life.

About likes

Love is beautiful, but more often than not, love is cruel. When it comes to love, it is vigorous. If you don't like it, you don't love it anymore, but it hurts people more than passers-by.

When you like someone, even if the outsider sees a lot of shortcomings and deficiencies, it's no big deal for you. Those are all interpreted by you as having your own character.

If you don't like a person, no matter how good the other person is, no matter how good the conditions are, you will be inadequate in every possible way.

In the eyes of one person, that kind of love is to meet him and put his head in the dust, and it is also a love. Even if the whole world leaves you, there is still a love that I will accompany.

However, one day, you will become the person you only like, and you will be the one who will hurt you the most.

about love

Love is very wonderful. The deeper the love, the deeper the hurt. The one who hurts the most must be the one who loves the most.

The love of two people is like a circle. When the love is gone one day, the person who walks away loosens the rubber band in his hand, and the person who hurts the most must be the person who can't let go.

Heartbroken, heartbroken. No heart, only happy.

Who is right and who is wrong in love? There is pain and sadness in love, but it hurts more deeply because of the heart.

In fact, you don't have to understand that if you don't love, you don't love anymore. Whether it's empathy or other things, your stubborn refusal to let go will not help.

You can only live out your own splendor and make yourself infinitely attractive, and the one that goes away is his loss, not yours.

About feelings

Emphasis on feelings and friendship, always expecting the other party to do it, how about you?

Love is the sacrifice of both parties. If one party blindly pays without return, even the closest person will be tired.

Trust between people is the foundation of feelings, but sometimes, the other party takes your trust as his bargaining chip.

True feelings are always hurt ruthlessly. In this world, how many sincere feelings can be delivered with confidence.

There is a cold reality, whether you are willing to admit it or not, you have no use value, and few people are willing to have true feelings for you. Your so-called feelings are all based on a false mirage.

So, the hard truth is that you have to make yourself valuable.

About life

Like love, this is an eternal topic.

A person's life, in the final analysis, is a person's journey, a person comes into this world, and then a person leaves, even if the process is brilliant.

When the sun goes down and the tired bird returns, in the end, it is a person to face it.

Everyone in this world is busy, and no one cares about your injury. If you feel uncomfortable, hug yourself in the middle of the night, heal the pain, and go to work with a smile when the sun comes out.

Many pains have been numb for a long time, new love and old love, everything is just a wave of the past in the long river of time.

Learn to see clearly, and then you can live this life safely and smoothly.


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