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Never Tell The Narcissist How They Hurt You

by Maxwell Jordan 8 months ago in advice
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It Will Fuel Their Ego

Never Tell The Narcissist How They Hurt You
Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

It is very important that you understand this truth.

You must not EVER tell the narcissist how and why they hurt you.

I know it may seem very tempting to do so.

But to tell them what they have done and why it hurt you will only…

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Never Tell The Narcissist How They Hurt You

By Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash

Telling the narcissist how and why they have hurt you only GIVES them the tools and the fuel to hurt you even more.

It is like handing them the arrow to hit you in your weak spot.

It is like handing a knife to them, barechested and all, and highlighting all your life-threatening spots.

These people take great pleasure in hurting and causing as much pain to others as possible.

It is like a high to them.

As empaths and just good decent human beings, we get the greatest joy from helping others.

There is something inside of empaths that gives them a thrill when they help pick a person up who has been down.

But with a narcissist, a toxic person, a BROKEN PERSON, the greatest joy they feel is in kicking others down and causing as much chaos and pain to others as they can..

You Are Not Reasoning With A Rational Person

By Simon Maage on Unsplash

You must understand that these people have no empathy and the pain that you feel is a joy for them. It is a "high" for them to know that you are in pain of them.

Narcissistic people are MONSTERS who derive the greatest joy in torturing those who dared to love them.

There is no reasoning with them, and they're sure as hell is no getting them to empathize with how you feel.

I know it may hurt, but don't try connecting with them. Ignore their smear campaigns (they do this to hurt you even more).

Stop acknowledging the flying monkeys that come by your way. And stop looking at their lives on social media.

Know what they post on social media is just a lie, and most times, they are doing things JUST to make you feel less than.

They know it's like a sixth sense they have when others watch them and think about them.

When you do this, think about them; what you are doing is showing them that they mean so much to you.

STOP WATCHING THEM because it only fuels their ego and, by proxy, their delusion.

Start ghosting them. It is the only way to keep you sane.

I know many people are against ghosting, and that is 100% okay for those people.

But, I have ghosted many toxic people, and not only did it keep me sane, which is why I did it and implore others to do it, but it also hurt the narcissist.

Of course, hurting them is not what we are after, but, in all honesty, after all the BS they did to us, for their IRRATIONAL DESIRES, walking away from them when they weren't finished with us is a GREAT REVENGE.

Plain and simple (👉 ghosting can be a GREAT REVENGE).

Narcissists Love Devaluing People; Don't Let Them Devalue You

They get a massive kick out of devaluing you.

Ask yourself, who are they to destroy YOUR LIFE?

Who are they to put YOU down?

Who are they to hurt YOU, use YOU, manipulate YOU, and devalue YOU?


They are no one, and YOU are someone.

I know this may not be the most uplifting post, but trust me, your future self will thank me later on for not giving these monsters the tools they need to destroy you.

Do not try and seek closure with them because they will never give it.

You telling them how they hurt you will only make them smarter and stronger in the end.

They will listen and take notes on how to hurt best the next and new supply they have entangled in their web of lies.

If you need consoling, I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND speaking with a therapist. Therapy can help you from falling back into those monster's hands.

Sign up for Online Therapy (Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link) and get 20% off your first month's session.

If you need to vent and let it out, it's best to do it with a professional than with the POS narcissist.

At least with the professional, you can get a sympathetic ear, unlike that with a narcissist.


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I am an avid writer on issues around polyamory, individuality, narcissism, introversion, embracing hard times, going it alone and life in general!

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