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My youth I decide

I want my taste

By Parton BTangPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Maybe you envy Yao Ming's altitude, maybe you envy Liu Xiang's speed, maybe you are deliberately changing yourself, try to imitate. But you are still you, no matter how much you change, no matter how much you imitate, you are still you. There are no two identical leaves in the world, which is an objective law of nature that cannot be changed. Since it is impossible to be exactly the same, so why use up energy to change, to imitate? Why do you dare not face the reality, why can't live out their own wonderful?

Imitation may not be the only human, animals will imitate for some purpose. Just like in the fairy tale, rabbits and squirrels may choose to worship teachers and learn to swim from ducks in order to avoid being hunted by wolves. This may sound a bit funny! A rabbit is a rabbit, you may say. How can it learn to swim? Let's not talk about whether the rabbit can learn to swim, since it is a fairy tale, let's give him an idealized ending, simply let the rabbit's dream come true! Imagine if the rabbit learned to swim and the Wolf chased it into the water. The Wolf can not eat now, but the Wolf is also wise, it will certainly worship, since the rabbit can learn, the Wolf must also learn to swim, after all, the Wolf is not stupid! Now that wolves have learned to swim, is it useful for rabbits to learn to swim? They're back at the same starting point! Plus, if a rabbit can swim, a Wolf can. A Wolf may not swim a duck, but can it swim a rabbit? It's like asking Liu Xiang and Phelps to go swimming. Someone else Phelps born a pair of big foot board, is swimming material, Liu Xiang how can swim? Moreover, Liu Xiang is already the world champion in the 110m hurdles, so why compete with Phelps for another swimming title? So everything is to pay attention to a talent, Phelps' talent is swimming, Liu Xiang's talent is running. Everyone has their own unique expertise, this is what we call a specialization! What's more, if you go to another line, will your original potential still exist? And even if it did, would it still be an advantage? Therefore, we should try our best to give full play to our own advantages, use our own potential, live our own style, live our own wonderful.

My youth I decide, I want my taste! Believe that each of us is God's gift to this world, that we are not accessories to others, and that each of us should be a surprise. Although I do not have the wisdom of Einstein, but I have the same smart brain, I want to use it to burst out the spark of wisdom, with it to create great wealth; Although I do not have the altitude of Yao Ming, but I also have a healthy body, I want to use it to fight for a better future; Although I do not have Yu Qiuyu's master style, but I have my own writing style, I want to use it to write my youth, describe my future!

Who is in charge of my youth? Of course it was me! Who is the master of my youth? Of course it was me! My wonderful who created? It has to be me! Come on! Struggle!


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