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Moonlit background

Beauty is still, it is the background, or the background of the protagonist? This is the question of moonlight?

By danielhuangPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

The moonlight was cold, and the fog in the air was cold. Lonely candles danced softly in the moonlight, warming the air around them. What's more, there are long piano notes, make the silent night seem more silent.

The quiet bamboo forest, slowly through a figure, that is a swordsman. He walked around the river and lake for many years, the sword in his hand to remove many great crimes and evil people, but now in retrospect, as if he is evil, has been acting as the background of "justice". Again and again the blood washed over the rust that had not yet grown on the sword, and for a moment the smell of blood filled his air.

The swordsman left the bamboo forest, but left the sword that had accompanied him all his life in the bamboo forest. He decided to retire. The point of the sword plunged deep into the earth, cutting through the wind. The moonlight was cold and white as it hit the blade, perhaps with a hint of blood. As the background for many years, now, the sword has become the protagonist in the bamboo forest, taking away the quiet beauty of the bamboo forest, moonlight, is the background. The occasional passer-by may guess that the owner of this sword was once a hero.

This night is busy, there is always some fun. I do not know who has so elegant, a ray of candlelight, a pot of wine, a guqin, a pair of slender hands gently play the strings, the touching music reverberated in the bamboo forest. No, no, it was not a woman, it was a man in white, and I am afraid there is no man so graceful in the world. The sound of his harp soothed the birds that had just been startled by a passing swordsman.

The corners of the mouth slightly turned up, a proud smile. The sound of the piano is not abrupt in the silent night, it spreads far away to the heart of the swordsman, a high tone, high playing together, like a clear stream flowing through the mountains. Oh! The swordsman's anxiety was touched and calmed by the delicate music, and the smell of blood vanished.

A cup of sake into the throat, and then a song "Guangling SAN", this time, startled nearby sword also kept ringing, the cold moon in the sky also hid in the clouds, everything around seemed to be frozen at that moment.

The swordsman stopped, closed his eyes and concentrated his mind. Listening to the music, he unconsciously walked back to the same place. The man playing the piano handed him a cup of wine. After drinking the wine, the swordsman asked the man: Since I am a man of all rivers and lakes, why do I not have the same pleasure as you?

The man "hey hey" smile, revealing an extraordinary temperament. He said: Peace of mind is natural peace, brother, your heart has never been calm, so much worry. Look or put away some good, in fact, you always think of their own heart think of the side, but never thought, you are actually the protagonist, others, is your background.

The swordsman was surprised at how the man in white could be so clear about his own thoughts. In a twinkling of an eye, the man in white, guqin, wine and candlelight all turned into a wisp of smoke and disappeared! It was as if the swordsman had dreamed a dream, and only the rattling of the sword beside him told him that it was true. He untied the knot in his heart.

Ha ha ha! He looked up to the sky long smile, finally understand, they do not have to do who who who background, their own world, their own master, release their own brilliance, they are the protagonist. He turned and strode forward, to the sound of hearty laughter.

The sword gave a chirp and split in the middle.


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