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There is a quiet emotion

Quietly miss, quietly recall!

By danielhuangPublished 7 days ago 3 min read

Like, can light, let you feel the existence of the emotion; Like, can silently, just quietly pay attention to your words and deeds; Like, can quietly, like holding a treasure, for fear of a little damage.

Like you, but it will never let you understand. Not because I don't have the courage to say it, but because I'm afraid I don't have the courage to bear; Not worried about your rejection, but don't want to bring you pressure.

Always pay attention to your words and emotions, but only occasionally reply a few innocuous words; Often in your world and you together happy, sad together, but just pretend to occasionally casual encounter, and then faint greetings: long time no see!

Like, quietly miss, quietly recall, and then beat the keyboard, let the emotions walk between the lines. Like, quietly miss, quietly reverie, listening to sad music, tasting bitter green tea, touching the inexplicable feelings. Away from the noise of the world, away from the impetuous prosperity, away from the mask of perfunctory and dealing, so firmly guarded a pure land.

Like you, but always very quiet, as fragrant gardenia, lingering in the heart of the most soft place.

It's like, I haven't felt like this in a long time.

Someone once said: No matter how much you love each other, but never be a third person. Meditate and be silent. Because understand, this story is doomed to end at the beginning, the beginning is doomed in this story, a lot of people will be hurt. Leave always want to leave, to retain, like the other side of the flower, poor life, flowers and leaves is still wrong. The same is true when the edges gather and scatter.

Like in the morning, a person climbed to the top of the mountain, enjoy the sunrise, because the ray of dawn told me: the world will not change for anyone, the coming, will be timely; Should go, will also go in time. Every day the sun is the same, every day the sun is different, just like the scenery around.

Like in the sunset, looking at the sun's face is slightly red, watching it the last wisp of gauze slowly not in the sky. Then night put on the black dress and walked around every corner. And this time, used to look at the vast night sky, outline your appearance. Think of you inadvertently a look, an expression, then, light smile.

Yes, just light, quiet. That's enough!

Like you, is light, because afraid you will occupy all the space, will be everywhere; Like you, is quietly, because do not expect to let you feel, more do not expect to let each other in the pressure and torture of the original perfect see nothing.

What you don't understand is that there are eyes behind you that change with your mood; You will not understand, there is such a person in the distance, because of your smile and feel the world is bright, because of your frown and worry.

In the red world, there are too many disappointments, there are too many helpless, we are just the particles. Come quietly, is bound to leave quietly one day. Perhaps can have fireworks like brilliant moment, is also a kind of perfect, is also a kind of eternal, but I would rather believe that can quietly watch your happiness, is also a kind of perfect.

Feelings, do not need to be vigorous to move, it can also bloom flat light beauty, long and warm.

Like, do not need to have to not leave regret, it can also be a kind of yearning, a kind of memory, a kind of yearning.

In this way, quietly like such a person, let this indifferent emotion in full bloom in this summer, and then extend to the next season.


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