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DID, do you know your what it is?

Dissociative identity disorder. How it works and my perspective on it as a female who has about 12 alters.

By SlyFoxPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

DID is a personality disorder where ones mind and personality shatter into many or few fragments. These fragments are what I call alters, my other personalities, the other people inside my mind. This is my take on DID.

DID is different for everyone who has it. Some people know they have and can most of the time remember things that happen when another alter is out it like me and some people have no idea they have it. It completely depends on the person. Alters are like completely different people although if you don't know the parson very well or are not very close to them there's a good chance you won't even be able to tell when they switch.

Switching is when one of the alters fronts or comes out. When this happens there will be some slight or maybe very noticeable changes in attitude and behaver. Its also very common to notice a voice change. If you know enough about the person it can be somewhat easy to guess who comes out by their posture, tone of voice, choice of words, and even how they dress or wear their hair.

I have a man who knows almost all my alters personally and most of the time knows exactly when I switch. Having someone like that it amazing because they understand and care enough to notice. He's my boyfriend now and I've been living with him for a bit over a year I believe. He has regular conversations with most of my alters. For someone like myself, its hard to explain and talk about my DID to people, even more so if I don't know them very well. He caught on that I had DID the first time he saw me switch. Needless to say I love him deeply and him knowing my alters is not the only reason.

Now.. I think a lot of people don't take DID seriously because its hard to explain and understand. I've had people call me a liar and threaten to sell my address on the black market (I highly doubt he even knew how but whatever) just because he did not understand. Many people will never understand no matter how well it's explained to them. Just remember that not all people are like that but I am very cautious about who I tell because of all the problems I've had with people not understanding in the past.

I have about 12 alters. They all have there own name and gender. Yes, some of my alters are boys, some are girls and some have no gender. And yes, it does get confusing sometimes. Maybe I'll have some of them write in the future from their perspective. The hardest thing to understand is that each alter is different. One could love a particular song and another could hate it. They are all their own person with their own thoughts, feelings, emotions, likes and dislikes. It can be hard to wrap your head around something like this but its real. People live with this every day.

Some people have aggressive alters who aim to hurt themselves or others. I personally have only had one of those and she is now a protector. Protectors come out Specifically when the main (the main is the person who has DID, the body which they were all created from) is not able to deal with a certain problem or situation. They are the ones that can act the most like the main and they are better at talking and handling stress in my experience.

That is all I have on this topic for today. Thank you for reading and I hope it helped you understand a bit better. :)

PS: You have beautiful eyes ^-^

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