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~Humiliation kink~

Want to know what people like about humiliation?

By SlyFoxPublished 3 years ago 2 min read

I think we should talk about humiliation today. Humiliation is a kink that involves a dominant person humiliating their submissive. There are many ways to do this. Some Masters and doms will draw on their submissive face or body with marker or pen dirty words or humiliating names. Others will make the submissive call themselves humiliating things, wear humiliating clothing that the submissive has to wear in public or even around the house, make the submissive clean while they are naked or do something else that is humiliating to the submissive. It can be very fun and kinky if you do it right.

Humiliation normally is a punishment for if a submissive misbehaves. Although, sometimes it's done just for the amusement of the dom. This can be a super fun scene. I personally think that it is appealing in the sense that it is letting your dominant humiliate you either as a punishment or for their amusement. It makes one feel weak and vulnerable to their dominant which I believe a lot of submissives like to do. I believe a lot of submissives like to feel helpless and vulnerable to their dominant. Humiliation and degradation make a submissive feel worthless and lucky to even have their dominant lay eyes on them. Something about that can be very attractive. Use your imagination and have fun with it. Its also a big turn on when the dom can be creative and makes it fun and kinky while being dominant at the same time.

Although it is supposed to be a punishment, it is very important to make sure that the submissive and the dominant are both consenting to this. Just because it's meant as a punishment does not mean that it can be non consensual. Make sure to check in with the person being humiliated and always have a safe word in place. I think aftercare is a big part of this too. Make sure to cuddle and give a shower to the sub after playing or any hardcore stuff. (or however you do your aftercare)

Is this a "weird" or "wrong" kink to have? Absolutely not. All people are different and you would be surprised how many people have this kink. Trust me when I say there's way worse kinks out there. There's lots of reasons this kink is a big one, most of which revolve around feeling small and like a play thing. I think humiliation is in the same category as degradation. People that like degradation also like to be degrading to themselves for their dom and that's normally alongside humiliation. I think a lot of doms like this because it makes them feel more in control and makes them feel like they have more power.

If you are a submissive and you are uncomfortable with humiliation or something that your dominant wants you to do, your dominant should not make you do these things if you are not comfortable with them. Not even as a punishment. If you are truly not comfortable with something use the safe word or tell them directly. Same goes for doms, please don't push your sub to do things they are not okay with for any reason. I do not think its ever okay for a dom or anyone to force a sub or anyone to do something. I don't care if they its a punishment or not. Safety and consent is first priority. Make sure you guys stay safe while playing and have fun.

PS, You have an amazing personality. Don't change yourself. ^-^


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