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Dear Keila

by Call Me Ky 11 months ago in selfcare

Come sit down, let’s chat.

Girl, here we are, face to face with a new year. Front and center to endless possibilities. Filled with rejuvenated hope and a full tank of New Year gas! I’m going to be honest with you, it’s just like every other year. You still have the same 365 days as last year and the same 24hrs in a day as yesterday. This time though, we’re fucking focused!

Last year you fell flat on your face. The realizations you had, the lows you had, the triumphs you had!! Stop playing! Last year, Ky!!! Last year you were still wearing those masks! You know, the one that you’d put on to conceal all your eccentric greatness to keep other people comfortable in their skin, while yours burned from the inside out to be seen? Remember that one?

Ooh wait! Or the mask you would wear when you were feeling sad and unappreciated deep down but on the surface you’d smile and be down to help? Yeah girl, we’ve come a long way.

In a few short weeks you’ll be 30 and you’ve already accomplished pretty much everything on your list as a kid. Haha remember that list? Married, check, kids, check, car, check, traveling the world, check, I mean you’re a fucking rockstar! Before 30!? Not to mention you launched two businesses last year! No lie it was in the middle of a pandemic but listen, you had time to perfect your craft. You had time to redirect your audience, find your voice, budget everything down to the cents and you found yourself. You finally discovered your purpose! And the funny thing is it was your passion the entire time!

Pooh, let’s not get overzealous this year. Let’s not get so down on ourselves striving for perfection to the point of burn out. Let’s go with the flow. Remember when you’re feeling low you can take a breath. You can pause. It’s okay. You are my wildest dream come true! You have the capacity to continuously grow at a profound rate! You are always ready and willing to improve! So don’t let society’s opinions fog up your mirror. Keep your reflection clean. Let anxieties flow through you, let’s not latch on to them. Keep your heart open baby girl. Good moments will pass you by if you don’t. Continue to use your discernment because that’s your best friend. Feed your soul some food everyday. And keep smiling because you’re going to be okay.

This year is different because you’ve already been living and breathing your new change. There’s no new resolution you have to make but to just keep going. Every month you’ve discovered new opportunities to express yourself. Entering into this contest is one of them. Will you win? Who knows. But you released. You released your thoughts into the world without shame. Cleared the slate, you started off the New Year already being new. What’s so crazy though is this was always inside of you. This person you’re becoming. This person that you already are. There’s no need for deep reconfiguration this year. Remember, what ever you put your mind to you will achieve. There is no set time frame for anyone, not even you. There’s no clock you have to beat. There’s no starting gun to start off sprinting. Just simply believe and do you boo.

Keep a gratitude mindset, because fortune favors you. You’re blessed beyond measure with so many gifts and talents and you let that fact fall to the waste side when you get to fixated on manifesting a passionate project of yours. Let’s remember that you are healthy, beautiful, smart, funny as hell, a little... well a lot weird and breathing! Each year you are ascending to greatness! Each year you grow new beautiful patterns on your butterfly wings. All I want you to do is prepare to be amazed! It’s 2021 and you have a plan, the creativity, fiery passion and the balls to make anything you want happen.

Show love without expectations. Receive love without hesitation and just have fun. Be present with love ones and take in all those moments because tomorrow is never promised. Let go of last years heartache, you’ve already proved to yourself you could survive. Relive only the beautiful memories, don’t get trapped in a hopeless loop.

I love you smalls, you’re an exceptional gal!


Call Me Ky

Ascending to greatness one foot at a time.


Founder of @Shameless_Ave

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