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Agoraphobia Panic Disorder

I suffered this nightmare for over four years, and I am telling you honestly that no matter how you feel, you CAN get better

By Willing WaysPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
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I created this website as an ex sufferer of extreme panic attacks and agoraphobia at the best addiction treatment center in Karachi to share my experience and advice with people battling this horrendous condition. Read My Story with panic attacks and agoraphobia for a look into the ways it affected my life – I’m sure you will both relate to it and take some comfort from it too.

In finding this site, I assume you or someone you care deeply about is going through the living nightmare that panic attacks and agoraphobia inflict upon people. You have felt the symptoms, lived through the constant fear, and desperately looked for ways of Panic Attacks While Sleeping to eliminate panic and anxiety from your life.

I have strived to share all my knowledge and advice on this topic I gained from my experiences. I suffered this nightmare for over four years, and I am telling you honestly that no matter how you feel, you CAN get better. I am fortunate to now be at the Sadaqat Clinic Karachi 100% free from panic attacks and agoraphobia, and I want to share with you what I did to get to where I am today. Trust me; I sometimes felt I would have to live with this forever!

What Is Agoraphobia Panic Disorder?

Agoraphobia Panic Disorder is simply agoraphobia that results from severe panic and anxiety.

In the beginning, a sufferer will experience mild anxiety symptoms that, over time, gradually develop into full scale panic disorder. As the victim ponders the question, “what the hell is wrong with me?” their life is turned upside down by the debilitating symptoms and experiences living with panic attacks inflicts.

Initially, the onset of panic and anxiety is usually a result of a period of severe stress in someone’s life – such as the death of a close relative, experiencing a car crash, or pressure from work. There is often no obvious explanation for the onset of increased anxiety and panic attacks – it just “happens.” Consequently, sufferers are likely to be so full of fear and apprehension over when the next attack may happen that they become so wrapped up in the horrible symptoms and feelings they experience from panic attacks.

Over time agoraphobia panic disorder sufferers develop what is known as a “safe zone” or where they feel safe from their condition. Since they feel safe in these areas, they become reclusive and limit their existence to these “zones.” This leads to the life crippling condition known as “agoraphobia.” People who suffer agoraphobia directly from panic or anxiety attacks are said to suffer from “Agoraphobia Panic Disorder.”

Agoraphobics Are “Safer” At Home…

Victims of this horrendous condition wholeheartedly believe that they will die or something “bad will happen” if they stray from their safe place. They think they are safer in these so called “zones” where their symptoms don’t materialize as opposed to heading out into the public where unknown strangers and the world cause their panic attacks to come on rapidly.

For some, the fear of death stops them from having a normal, outgoing life. For others, it’s the fear of losing control in public and relying on strangers to take care of them if anything happens to them due to a panic attack. For many, it’s just the fear of the symptoms themselves developing that keeps them locked away.

A Life Of Planning Around Panic Attacks…

Most people with agoraphobia panic disorder proactively plan their lives around their condition. They often search for hospitals or other means of help before they make a trip somewhere. They will also do all they can to make their trip as “easy” as possible – from avoiding traffic lights to avoiding busy highways. Anything that they associate with panic attacks, they will prevent.

I remember I couldn’t even go and get a haircut. As the symptoms developed, I couldn’t sit in the barber chair, and I’d have to run out and head home to my “safe place,” where I would feel 100% safe.

Failure to eradicate this condition can lead to a never-ending, downward spiral that leaves sufferers locked away, living the life of a hermit. Charles over at The Linden Method teaches sufferers all the methods needed to “trick” their brain into thinking the way it used to before they were struck down with this affliction. I recommend that you go and check it out today. It’s extremely well thought out, and as seen from his website, it works… look at all the feedback from ex sufferers!

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