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Addiction Getting to the Core Issue

by S P 4 years ago in addiction
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Why a Little Understanding Can Go a Long Way

One major thing which people rarely take into consideration when it comes to the topic of addiction is the reason behind what caused the addiction in the first place. Instead they see the results of a broken person, and the things that lead them down the road they took. They look at addicts as if they are almost less than them.

Society needs to look at the problem of addiction for what actually it is. Instead of simply making judgments about it such as, addicts are weak or selfish. We need to start seeing addiction and the underlying causes of addiction for what they are. Then take the proper steps needed in order to overcome the problem, so that a person can suffering from addiction, has a better opportunity to make a better life for themselves.

Here are a few simple things about addiction, that many people either get wrong or refuse to take into consideration. With people who struggle everyday of their lives with addiction. By understanding these few simple things, you honestly can make a big difference in another person’s life.

Why you just can’t simply quit an addiction: When you are addicted to a substance, it physically changes the chemical composition of your brain. Which can involve up to two years to fully recover from.

When a person has an undiagnosed or misdiagnosed mental health issue: Their treatment involves more than simply quitting the drug of your choice. It's also about properly treating your medical condition in combination with your addiction treatment. So that you not only fully recover, but are also treated for your medical condition properly.

Trauma: It’s about looking at things that you have seen and experienced in your past. Then understanding how they impact your current life. Then learning to properly deal with them under the medical supervision.

Prescription drug abuse: With this you need to look at whether or not they possess a mental health issue, and if they do. Is there prescription drug abuse due to an issue with their current medication, such as tolerance, or something that's lacking from their current treatment.

In order to help someone with an addiction. There's a few little things that we all can do, to make another person's life a little easier. That honestly don’t take a crazy amount of effort. They also do not take having or a BA or PhD, in psychology or medicine. The only thing that they really require is having a little understanding and empathy. For a person who wants absolutely nothing else than to have a happy, healthy life.

  • Realize that the things that lead them down that path, may seem irrelevant to you. The thing is with psychological issues what’s irrelevant for one person, can be completely life altering for another. So don’t treat their struggles as a joke, be respectful.
  • Be mindful of not only what you say, but how you say it.
  • Don’t let them walk over you, or treat you in an abusive manner.
  • Sometimes saying nothing and just listening to someone can go a long way
  • Until a person has an in depth understanding of their triggers and what causes them, do what you can so that you don’t trigger negative behavior pattern, by respecting their boundaries.
  • If they relapse, don’t treat them like a bad person. Instead help them to see and understand what led them to relapse. Plus help them to understand what they can do in the future to be more effective in dealing with what caused the relapse. By building healthy habits and also coping strategies, so they approach the situation in a healthier manner.
  • Help them to see and understand the importance getting the proper medical and therapeutic support

Lastly, what I'm trying to say is, try your best not to unfairly judge others. Remember not everyone with an addiction is a bad person. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and those people deserve the chance to make something with their lives, by getting the support they need and deserve.

Try to see their situation from their point of view. We honestly live in a very intolerant world, and we should be doing our best help others reach their fullest potential. Instead of using their struggles against them, help them to overcome those struggles.


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