A Thing I Have to Deal With....

by KJ 27 days ago in disorder

A wacky introduction

A Thing I Have to Deal With....

Hello, I have Emetophobia.

"What the heck is that?" you ask

It's the fear of regurgitation.

People have said to me, "I know I hate throwing up too." Of course no one does, but I'm terrified of it.

If you throw up around me or if I hear you doing it, I would not want to be around you for a couple of days. If you say your stomach hurts, stay away from me just in case. It's a rare phobia but it's very real, and I've had major anxiety and panic attacks over it. I often feel quite stupid because it's a very natural thing for your body to get rid of waste, but the way it just has to come up and out is...yikes.

Some people even think it's FUNNY to puke, and I will never understand that...

My earliest memory of dealing with this phobia was in kindergarten. Almost every day someone in class would throw up out of nowhere and I'd be crying at my desk. I was scared and wanted to go home. I remember taking cover in the bathroom one time because I knew one of the kids was about to hurl. I didn't even understand what this fear was then.

Experiencing someone else puking can traumatize me, but what's bonkers is that fact that I myself don't do it. I hardly ever get sick like that. I promise I can only recall 2 times in my entire life that I have ever puked, and the last time was in 5th grade (I'm like 1,000 years old now). I have gotten the stomach flu, food poisoning, and bad cramps before, but even when it feels like something might happen, it just doesn't (Thank GOD!)

As a result of this phobia, I always, ALWAYS have to carry a pack of Icebreakers mints wherever I go, the wintergreen flavor specifically. If I don't have that, then I resort to regular peppermints. Whenever I'm feeling full after a meal, or whenever my stomach feels a little funny, I'll pop in a mint and I instantly feel better. I also keep a pack of peppermint tea in the kitchen for the rare occasions that I do get a severe stomach ache. If you can't tell already, mints help alleviate all that. How lovely! Peptobismol who??? However, I am very particular about which mints I take. Lifesavers, Mentos, and Tic Tacs won't do the trick.

Then, there are stupid little things that trigger me:

The gag reflex (duh)

I hate hearing people cough too hard because it almost sounds like something is about to come up

I don't like feeling too full or even the SLIGHTEST feeling of discomfort

I don't like puke jokes in cartoons/TV shows/movies

Medicine commercials

I don't drink much alcohol because I'm afraid of getting drunk

Pregnancy scares me a little because of morning sickness

In conclusion....this is something I have to deal with and it sucks.

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