We Don't Live To Serve You

by KJ 22 days ago in feminism

A rant

We Don't Live To Serve You

I seriously question some of the people I follow on Facebook, specifically the MEN. The things they post and repost sometimes baffle me. Of course, people can be trash on all social media platforms, but by far, nothing triggers my fight or flight more than some of the outlandish things I see on my Facebook feed.

"Which female can do..." or, "No female has all 3..."

Do you see the problem already? I'll help you. Anyone who refers to women or young ladies as "females" is instantly musty.

"You females...Ya'll females..."

When people say "female," they usually say something rude or demeaning in the same sentence. It makes us feel inferior or less than human. Of course, anyone who says it doesn't always mean it that way, but in the case of these ugly Facebook posts, it's best to save your breath.

Now the posts pose questions like "Which female can cook like this nowadays?" and show a giant spread of every breakfast food to exist, or a heaping plate of BBQ chicken with potato salad and spaghetti.

I'm not very fond of gender roles; as a human being I believe people should just do what they want as long as they're comfortable. So, there is nothing wrong with a woman wanting to cook for or take care of her partner, as long as she WANTS to do it, but why can't YOU cook it yourself, MALE? Why do you need one person to make all that food for you, so you can go to sleep and do nothing after? Go to a restaurant.

You go on Facebook sharing statuses like these in hopes that some poor girl would take care of you because you can't take care of yourself.

Also, there are posts about how women dress a certain way, asking why they have no "self respect." even worse, there are posts that say, "fellas, you letting your girl leave the house like this?" and proceed to show a girl with a cute outfit that I WISH I had the confidence to wear. Albeit, some outfits can be outlandish, but regardless, male, it's not your place to decide how "respectable" of a person she is; you don't know her.

We don't need your input. We don't need your permission.

When a model or actress who is married does a nude photo shoot or wears revealing outfits, does anyone ask how her husband or partner feels about it? No? Ok. Worry about yourself.

And what is with the disrespect towards sex workers, i.e. strippers, porn stars, people who make Onlyfans accounts? They are making BANK and I personally envy their confidence! People have to hustle and do what they need to in order to make ends meet. They certainly make more money than you do, male. Why don't you mind your business?

I feel like these guys are constantly on a search for women who they deem are "wife material" by asking "What female can do this" or "What female can do this without.." It's like Facebook is Build-A-Wife or something. They essentially boil a woman's respectability down to how they dress, how well they can cook, how sexually active they are, and it's truly annoying. I strongly urge them to not have a wife or daughter until they unlearn that.

Well now I have to ask...what male can fix everything in the house? What male can work all day and come home and expect me to have a 5 course meal ready for him? What male expects me to think of only him when I'm getting dressed or living my life out in the world because I live to represent only him? What male? What male????

By the way, it's "WHICH."

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