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7 years ago I nearly died

7 years and 4 hours as I write

By ASHLEY SMITHPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
what the car used to look like

It had been a full week with my ex, my birthday and we got engaged. Heading home after a great week we hit the central reservation, bounced across a dual carriageway and hit a crash barrier at around 70 mph. We ended up sitting sideways across the busy road with the airbags deployed in front of us. My ex looking through the smashed window at the traffic braking suddenly .

With the airbags having gone off already my ex would have been my air bag if anyone had hit us. Its an image I wont forget in a hurry, especially as I have driven the same route a number of times since for further holidays. In fact each time I pass the crash location I brace myself as I remember slewing across the road as I struggled to control the spin.

Despite crashing so heavily we were in reality very lucky despite being stuck a hundred miles from home. We both suffered whiplash and some cuts, we stopped on top of a small barrier that stopped us rolling into a field. We actually slid along the barrier so the airbags went off but we didn't hit the bags ourselves as there wasn't enough forward impact.

The biggest piece of luck was that we didn't hit anyone else and nobody hit us. We managed to crash during a gap in traffic. If anyone had been closer they would hive hit the car side on at 70 mph and there's a fair chance I wouldn't be typing this. It affected me a lot but my ex a fair bit as well. When we went for a replacement car she said she could manage a replacement the same as we had before.

I took her to a car park, parked near traffic and opened her window to replicate the smashed window of the crash. She then admitted she had the flashbacks as well and we had to buy a different car. I managed to drive again as soon as funds allowed but struggled any time I was on a similar road or travelled at speed.

I wasn't reckless the first time but the crash made me take more care, hold the wheel properly and check my speed more. I constantly checked where I was on the road and looked for anything on the road that could affect me or the cars journey. I checked the tires more, made sure all looked safe before each trip and have taken care ever since.

We split 9 months after so I don't know what she feels now but I still remember it all. In fact I am on my honey moon now, very close to where I was staying before the accident. I drove down here with my new wife, remembering the exact place as we passed.

Still seeing the ambulance, fire fighter, nurse and army recruit that helped us after. Still remember being helped from the wreckage and being sat in nettles by the middle of the road. Looking at the mess of our holiday in front of us, money over the road, the front of the car smashed and the blood on my arm.

In my now 52 years that's my only time in a big accident and only time as an ambulance patient. Two occasions I will do my best not to repeat, at least not for another 52 years. This time next week I will be driving on the very tarmac we ended up sitting on, the same tarmac that was covered in bits of my car.

I want to be married till the end of my time, not in a car wreck. So I will be extra careful, extra alert and extra safe on the way home. Obviously crashing on American independence day doesn't help as the date is all over the news and social media.

Hopefully I will be here on holiday this time next year writing an update on the effects of the crash, though more on passing one year married. There are definitely some anniversaries that are better to remember then others.


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England based carer, live with my wife, her parents and 4 cats. will write for all areas but especially mental health and disability. though as stuff for filthy seems popular will try there . any comments, suggestions or requests considered

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