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10 Reasons to Use the Calm App

by Mallory Hall 4 years ago in product review

Adding Mindfulness In Your Daily Life

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The Calm app is a way for people to experience guided meditations and other features that help them in their day to day lives. If you're feeling stressed or frustrated, then there is an individualized meditation that can assist you through whatever you may be going through. Here is a list of some reasons why I feel you should try this app out.

10. Low Priced Subscription

There are many features on the Calm App that are free, including the first 7 Days of Calm, a Breathe feature, and three sleep stories. However, to enjoy all that this app has to offer, you must first become a member. It is only a little over twelve dollars a month for countless meditations to ease you through challenging life struggles and daily stress. I have already subscribed and I can tell you it has already benefited my life. Plus, it costs a lot less than therapy.

9. Daily Calm Community

The Daily Calm Community is a Facebook group for anyone who uses the app, whether you are a member or not. Its purpose is to share your personal journey through meditation and encourage others to do the same. Normally on the internet there is so much negativity, but in this community, there are so many positive people shining through that it makes you feel so much more connected. I recommend it if you're in need of a daily dose of kindness.

8. Self Help

After a long day at school or work, you might want to treat yourself to some ice cream or a warm bath. That liberates the stress in your body, but what about the mind? This application aids in strengthening your mind against anxiety, depression, and much more. I personally had struggles with panic attacks in the past, but Calm has helped me improved greatly.

7. The Present Moment

Another idea that gets stressed in these meditations is the present moment. In order to achieve peace, you can't be focused on the mistakes of the past or the worries of the future. That leaves the present moment. We must be aware of the stillness around us to relax our anxiety. Focusing on your breathing and quieting the mind is a true medicine for happiness. Calm uses this method quite well.

6. Background Scenes

There is a feature on the app that allows you to choose a background scene to listen to during your meditations to distract yourselves from what is around you. You can listen to the crackling of a fireplace or the gentle sound of rain on leaves. It's a subtle way to feel like you're in a much more serene environment while eliminating stress you've gathered through your day.

5. Meditations

I have tried meditation in the past, but I couldn't find it interesting enough or felt overwhelmed with advertisements. The Calm app is different because it engages the listener and provides an environment to meditate that feels enjoyable while clearing the mind. There are so many different types of meditations to focus on whatever you could be having difficulties with at the moment. It'll make you wonder what there was to worry about at all.

4. Sleep Stories

If you have insomnia or just trouble sleeping, I would recommend you try Calm's sleep stories. There are different tabs that help you find what genre you would be most interested in. The sleep stories are essentially a way to help you ease your mind at night so you aren't focusing so much on what went on in your day. I recommend the story "Cupid and Psyche." I was originally a skeptic of the effectiveness of these stories, but after listening to that story in particular, it made me feel so much more relaxed and ready for sleep.

3. Calm Music

Calm has a three types of music you can listen to that scientifically help you feel your desired state. For instance, Calm Focus is set to 120 BPM for you to experience a deep flow state and allows you to focus on homework or a goal you've set. I'm actually listening to it now as I'm writing this. Calm Music also has other features like Calm Relax and Calm Sleep that help you ease your mind.

2. Tamara Levitt

Tamara is the voice of most of the meditations and even a few of the sleep stories. She speaks so beautifully and relaxed so you feel so much more present in the moment. Tamara also reminds you whenever you may have lost your focus to gently redirect your attention in a way that doesn't spread blame. She teaches meditation techniques in such a patient way so you don't feel any pressure if you're having difficulty grasping a concept.

1. Mindfulness

The app's main goal is to teach mindfulness. Mindfulness is essentially learning how to be more mindful or aware in daily life. This is important because it makes us conscious of more things going on around us and makes us realize all that we have to be thankful for. You might stop to sniff the flowers more often and find joy in the little things more often.

I have been using Calm for a few months now. Since the beginning of my journey, I have learned to not allow the little things to affect me as much and my anxiety has dramatically gotten better as a result of it. I sincerely hope that the Calm app will benefit your life as well. c:

product review
Mallory Hall
Mallory Hall
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