Never Let Your Friends Confuse Their Drinks Again with These Fun Attachable Wine Glass Charms

Keep track of who's drinking what with these quirky attachable wine glass charms.

Never Let Your Friends Confuse Their Drinks Again with These Fun Attachable Wine Glass Charms

I like to go to Trader Joe's, buy some two buck chuck, and just invite a bunch of people over. I can do that now that I have my own place! And if I'm going to have a bunch of people over drinking from the same type of glasses, I need to have some attachable wine glass charms so people can keep track of what drink belongs to what person. They're truly among the must have items for every wine lover. These attachable wine glass charms add some much-appreciated quirkiness to any get-together.

These attachable wine glass charms are magnetic glass beads. Magnets for glass! I didn't even know these existed, but now that I do I'm all about them. One of the fun things about these is that each person can use multiple charms per glass! Unless your party is too big for that, in which case #HumbleBrag.

These are so cute! They look like stickers for little kids but they're for adults. But what's an adult drinking wine if not a little kid coming out to play? I can't wait to splash around the wine beach with these! And no one will lose their glasses in the high-tide of alcohol thanks to their attachable wine glass charms. No drink's going to end up belly up after getting caught in the wine rip tide and being pulled out to wine sea only to be noticed later when the drink washes up as a bloated, purple-faced corpse.

I love these mashups of Flappers and funny wine jokes, but I usually see them as posters. I don't want to hang up a bunch of posters! But I do want these funny wine jokes. I was in a predicament until I found these attachable wine glass charms. Now I can enjoy these dames from the 1920s every time the clock strikes wine thirty. The wine is going to be making me awesome when I pass the time with these inspiring suffragettes! You won't be able to stop me from incorporating these funny, flapper jokes into my conversation now! THIS IS ADULTING; I LIVE ON MY OWN!

Chocolate is the only candy with aspiration. I've never seen a package of gummies with instructions on how to most effectively experience their flavor profile. You can pair wine and chocolate together with nuance, but when you don't have time for subtlety these chocolate attachable wine glass charms are the next best thing. Just don't eat 'em! Also, maybe bring a Toblerone to the party. You know I love chocolate!

These are fun attachable wine glass charms because you get to wrap them around the stem of your glass and that gives you something to nervously play with during conversation. Better that than biting at your fingertips or digging your nails into your hands. We can all tell what you're doing! Also, what are you so nervous about? This wine is making me awesome!

These attachable wine glass charms are adorable! There's a lot of cats in my neighborhood that I can't invite into my home, so I'll have to settle for inviting them onto my glass of wine. Meow! I'm turning into one lush kitty.

What I love about these attachable wine glass charms is that they make a whole orange when you piece them together. Terpene is an organic compound that gives plants and even some bugs their scent, and the one in citrus plants is called limonen. Limonen has calming properties, just like wine! Just look at how easy it is to start conversation once the wine starts flowing!

These are no fuss attachable wine glass charms. You just pick the color you like and put it on your glass. Perfect for when you just want to get your soirée going. Or, do what I do, show up having already drunk some in the hallway!

The wine takes flight with these faux-paper crane attachable wine glass charms. It also comes with one of the coolest wine stoppers! I've never been able to make a paper crane myself. It takes too much patience and manual dexterity, so these wine charms are the next best thing. Actually, chocolate is the next best thing. These wine charms come third after chocolate. Fourth is wine; fifth is chocolate again. Wine and chocolate; I'M ADULTING!

Much like me, these little people are holding onto dear life with every sip of wine. Unlike me, these little people are attachable wine glass charms. I'm just holding onto dear life because adulting is taking every ounce of strength from me!

It's another visit to the beach with these attachable wine glass charms! I really want to work on my tan and feel the warmth of the sun's rays on my back and shoulders. I'll have to settle for a bottle of rosé split between friends in my backyard. Who needs sand when you've got a lush lawn?! Or when you're a lush on a lawn! I'm both because my place comes with a backyard. LET'S BBQ!

This is one of those rare times when it's okay to stick chewed gum to the bottom of something. That's because these pieces of gum are attachable wine glass charms! You can be one of the bad kids without being bad. Those bad kids have no respect for the work of custodians. In a way, what it means to be an adult is to appreciate the value of hard work. You can be over 30 and never appreciate how good a glass of wine tastes after a long day of performing both physical and emotional labor just to keep afloat long enough to pay off your student loans and have a little left over to save for the best mattresses on the market to help you sleep better. ADULTING IS HARD!

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