Top TV Shows to Watch Stoned

Our top TV shows to watch stoned have something to entertain every type of high.

So you’ve lined up a relaxing evening: nothing to do but kick back, light one up and let your body melt into the suede recliner. Sounds pretty ideal, but your night can take a turn for the anxious when it comes to deciding what to cue up on the Roku. With so many options and streaming services, it’s hard to know where to begin. From the ultra-popular to the slightly obscure, let us coach you through the most important decision of your night.

Mood: Quirky Series commitment: NoBest paired with: Repeated bowl packs

If you’re a fan of Cartoon Network’s Regular Show, you won’t be disappointed by We Bare Bears. The style is similar, with endearing characters and offbeat jokes. Follow Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear on their adventures as three sassy, jelly bean-shaped bears living in the real world. A great first episode to start with is “Jean Jacket”—but you can’t go wrong with the pilot.

Mood: MindfuckSeries commitment: NoBest paired with: A well-rolled spliff

Black Mirror is great for those pensive evenings when you’re looking to enter another world for a while. In fact, the dystopian futures presented in the dark drama will help you forget about how messed up everything is in reality. It’s been compared most frequently to a modern-day The Twilight Zone; basically, they take the worst characteristics of modern technology and show us how we can (will?) screw ourselves over as society progresses. Sounds fun, right? It’s awesome, I promise.

Mood: MockumentarySeries commitment:Not necessary, but helpfulBest paired with: Jointsespecially if you’re watching with the whole crew

This quick, silly series has achieved gangbusters Netflix fame because it’s sweet, salty, and so damn easy to binge-watch. Parks and Rec is a great go-to for those indecisive nights with the crew, but you’ll also find yourself watching solo for hours at a time. Get to know the characters first (watching in order is recommended but not required), and you’ll fall deeper in love with quaint, weird, and beautiful Pawnee, Indiana.

Mood: Blastoff!Series commitment: NoBest paired with: A space-worthy smoking apparatus you invented yourself

It’s a show about space produced by Seth MacFarlane and narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson. What more convincing do you need? Even if you aren’t usually into documentaries, Cosmos will turn you on to the deep space in a way you never knew possible. This is a great show to watch a bit earlier in the evening, before you are completely “couched” and will likely be put to sleep to NDT’s soothing brilliance.

Mood: CreepySeries commitment: YesBest paired with: Edibles (for the brave) and a baby blanket

This series is for when you’re really ready to hunker down and let the Master of Suspense control your mind for a little while. M. Night Shyamalan's thriller series, based on a novel trilogy by Blake Crouch, calls back to The Village with its creepy closed-community setting. Join Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) as he struggles to unravel the mysteries behind the town of Wayward Pines—and what they mean for humanity’s future. It might be good to bring a friend for your first round with this one, and end the night with something happy-go-lucky. Your (lack of) nightmares will thank you.

Mood: WTFSeries requirement: NoBest paired with: Spliff following a 3-day Adderall binge

Fall in love with Robot Chicken because somebody else put it on and you were too high to resist. Stay in love with Robot Chicken because it’s basically the perfect weirdo cartoon to round out a wavy evening. Think claymation Family Guy mixed with Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but with a bionic chicken. Honestly, this show is too strange to give much more background—but you’ll see.

Mood: Bittersweet (and a bit vulgar)Series commitment: YesBest paired with: Bong rips and the company of a furry, four-legged friend

After falling on some tough times, Ryan (Elijah Wood) finds solace in the friendship with his dog, Wilfred. Wilfred’s crass humor is delightfully offensive, as he balances out Ryan’s shy awkwardness and bouts with depression. The show’s sweet undertones about friendship and dealing with mental health give it a complexity unique among shows that feature a large Australian man in a dog costume. It's worth watching episodes in order so you get the full story.

Mood: Nerd-frattySeries commitment: YesBest paired with: The most expensive vape you can get your hands on

Six coder friends working at a startup in the Valley while developing software that will change the world? Sounds like a programmer’s wet dream… until rival companies, internal disputes, and management woes all take a toll on their would-be booming success. And yes, these guys are tokers. Who says stoners can't be successful? Daydream about your future while you watch this one.

Mood: Hopeless romanticSeries commitment:Not necessary, but helpfulBest paired with: Bowl packs with kief

This quick-witted comedy is rising in popularity—and for good reason. Sober, it gives a healthy dose of relatable romantic reality. Stoned, it gives you pause to examine every relationship you’ve ever had, analyze your particular position in life, and how you’ve gotten there and who is to blame and what’s to come and OH MY GOD WHAT IF I DIE ALONE SWARMED BY CATS. As the show follows Josh’s quest for love, his awkwardly charming relationships with sister Liz and best friend Mike remind us of the friends who have our backs through thick and thin. Watch with a buddy, ‘cause you’re going to want to hug ‘em afterwards.

Mood: ExistentialSeries commitment: NoBest paired with: Edibles

Prepare to be amazed by the world you thought you knew. Planet Earth takes a deep dive into the rich biodiversity of this celestial object we call home. They switch it up every episode, from cave exploration to treks through the jungle. A great first episode is “Deep Ocean,” which features some of the funkiest flora and fauna of the ocean’s depths. This show will have you questioning the meaning of life—and the role you play in it.

Mood: Trippy Series commitment: NoBest paired with: Dabs

This one is great for later in the evening when you’ve had some time to enjoy reality, but you are ready to leave it for a while. Adventure Time feels youthful and silly with a cast of otherworldly creatures (some of whom are made entirely out of candy). It feels like watching a kids’ show that’s secretly made for adults. There’s a good reason Adventure Time is so beloved among recreational smokers; check it out and you won’t be disappointed.

Mood: Food pornSeries commitment: NoBest paired with: Bowl packs and lots of snacks

America’s favorite overweight, frosted-tipped calorie connoisseur takes you on a flavor tour through the greasiest, most horrifyingly delicious restaurants in the United States. True to the show’s name, Guy Fieri sticks to only the diviest —and deepest-fried—of venues. You’re going to want to make sure you have plenty of snacks on hand for this one; it’s impossible to watch Guy bite into a four-story, sauce-slathered sandwich without falling victim to instant cravings.

Mood: Smart assSeries commitment:Not necessary, but helpfulBest paired with: A bong and some scotch

Archer is basically a live-action show that happens to be animated. The quick comedy features a cast of sarcastic, insane characters who work at a spy agency hidden above a dry cleaning venue in New York City (except for season 5, but we don’t talk about that season). The supposedly Bond-esque Sterling Archer is constantly foiled by equal parts alcoholism and mommy issues, often with a dash of sexual deviance. It’s also one of the most quotable shows around today—after a few episodes, don’t be surprised if you forever hear the word “YUP” in Lana Kane’s voice.

Mood: Darkly funnySeries commitment: YesBest paired with: A vape pen

A friend once said, “BoJack Horseman is a sincere show... it just happens to have a talking horse.” In fact, supporting characters include a dog, cat, owl, and an array of other real and mythical anthropomorphic creatures. But even as a horse, Will Arnett’s dry delivery is perfect as he voices BoJack, a burnt out former sitcom star battling both alcoholism and reality. The show is laugh-out-loud funny at points, but has some sobering moments (no pun intended) that will really make you reflect. Better to watch this one solo or with a small group when you’re down to spark and think about life for a while… while also not taking it all too seriously.

Mood: Upbeat OCD Series commitment: NoBest paired with: A sativa strain to get you motivated

This one is a bit of a wild card, but it is surprisingly entertaining when you’re lifted enough to enjoy some high-quality HGTV. The show follows a different family, couple, or individual each time, who are—as the name promises—house hunting with the help of a real estate broker. Looking at a bunch of cool architecture and home features while you’re high is pretty satisfying, and this isn’t a show to which you’ll need to pay close attention. It’s perfect for a chatty group. You have no idea how interested you are in drywall and landscaping until you've watched House Hunters for hours.

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