The Marijuana Aficionado's Guide to a Pot-Friendly Vacation

Use these tips to make sure you stay complaint.

The Marijuana Aficionado's Guide to a Pot-Friendly Vacation

If you love weed, then you know that it can enhance all kinds of experiences. So why would you want to go without your drug of choice when you’re on vacation? Your days off are the perfect time to light up.

But be careful: Marijuana is still illegal in many states, and it is still illegal at the federal level here in the United States. Your travels may involve border crossings and plane rides, and security will likely find your stash and get you in trouble. Being intoxicated in an unfamiliar place can be dangerous, too.

To help you out, we’ve put together this short guide to a pot-friendly vacation. Below, we’ll remind you of a few factors and concerns that you’ll want to consider as you plan a pot-friendly trip, and we’ll provide some tips for enjoying your vacation—and your herb—to the fullest.

Know the laws of the land.

The most obvious concern about marijuana on any vacation is the law. Is marijuana legal in the place that you’re traveling to? If it’s not, we can’t recommend that you light up while you’re in the area. This advice is especially true of foreign countries, where drug laws can be draconian and punishments severe.

And don’t forget about borders. Even if weed is legal in both your current area and your destination, you may still not be legally allowed to take your area’s weed along. For instance, if you live in Colorado and want to travel to Washington, you’ll have to leave your Colorado weed at home and buy new weed in Washington.

That’s because your trip will take you across state lines and through states where marijuana isn’t legal. Even crossing borders between states with legal weed—for instance, driving across the border from Washington to Oregon—is technically illegal.

Consider legal alternatives.

Just because marijuana is legal in a given place does not mean that you should walk around lighting up wherever you please. If you’re not familiar with local customs and attitudes toward drugs, now is the time to do some research. Figure out how you can best respect the people whose spaces you are going to be visiting.

If you’re heading somewhere where weed is illegal, obviously you shouldn’t break the law. Think about other options: While not as safe as marijuana, alcohol is more widely legal and may make a suitable replacement for your trip.

And then there’s CBD, the cannabinoid that is extracted from marijuana but which is non-psychoactive (it won’t get you high on its own) and widely legal and available. Experts in CBD oil extraction from hemp say that CBD is sold in many states and countries where marijuana itself remains illegal.

Weed may be legal in places like Colorado, but this doesn’t mean that you can light up in every Colorado hotel or at every Colorado campsite. You need to make sure that you respect your hosts if they feel otherwise. That said, with so many pot-friendly hotels and campsites out there, just plan ahead and pick a pot-friendly place to stay.

Travel light.

This is not the time to bring your giant Roor bong. If you’re traveling, you want to pack light when it comes to marijuana paraphernalia. Hit up your local store or head to an online smoke shop to grab a nice little one-hitter or a portable vape pen. You should also remember that, while unused devices are often fine to tote across state lines, pieces with marijuana residue on them can present legal issues.

Marijuana is a lot safer than alcohol, but it still intoxicates you. Don’t get too blazed somewhere that you’re not familiar with or comfortable. Be smart and be safe—your campsite is a better place to light up than in an unfamiliar neighborhood in a foreign city. Just use your common sense and enjoy yourself!

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