Ways to Class Up Your Smoke Sesh

Investing in better equipment is never a bad thing.

Ways to Class Up Your Smoke Sesh

Marijuana has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. Marijuana has powerful medical benefits, and it has been enjoyed as a drug since ancient times. But, for whatever reason, it sometimes gets a bad rap. Marijuana users are stereotyped as being lazy slobs—“stoners” who don’t have much of a life beyond their drug of choice.

Most marijuana users don’t fit the stereotype, and most recognize how silly the stereotype actually is. The fact is, smoking marijuana can be a perfectly normal hobby or an occasional indulgence.

But if you’re a functioning adult who just wants to enjoy the occasional smoke, the hurtful stereotypes can loom large. Here’s one great way to fight back. Add a little dignity and class to your marijuana routine. Below are a few ways to do so.

Upgrade your stash box.

Where do you keep your marijuana? If you’ve been using the same shoebox since you were in high school, now might be the time to upgrade.

Put your stuff in something that you can display. Grab a vintage lunchbox or a nice ceramic jar with a lid. Repurpose a jewelry box, lockbox, or vintage tackle box. Get something that comfortably fits all of your marijuana-related accessories.

If you get a nice container that looks good on display, you won’t have to hide your stash. You wouldn’t hide a wine rack or a set of whiskey glasses, would you?

Invest in nicer glass.

If you’re still smoking out of gas station glass, it’s high time that you made an upgrade. Investing in something nice from a real brand name can help you step up your game. Think about Illadelph glass, for instance. It’s quality stuff that looks display-worthy and mature. Plus, it’s just better to smoke out of.

This goes beyond glass, of course. Vape pens, rolling papers, rolling machines—they all come in different qualities and price points. Splurge a little. You’ll get a better experience, and you’ll be demonstrating that your smoking is a normal and enjoyable part of your adult life, not some dark secret accompanied by lame old pipes and DIY soda can contraptions.

Keep things clean.

People sometimes display glass and crystal decanters for alcohol. They sometimes display wine and whiskey glasses, too. But it’s rare to see a bong or a bubbler on display in a way that looks intentional. Why?

One reason is the stigma we’ve talked about, but that’s not really the whole story. See, glasses and decanters look good on display because they’re clear and clean. Does your smoking glass measure up?

Whether you’re displaying it or not, learn how to clean your gear. Clean it thoroughly. And, yes, you should consider getting that resin out of there, too. You don’t have to toss it—you can save it with certain techniques—but once it's out of your glass, things will look a lot cleaner. You (and your guests) would not want to drink out of a dirty glass, so don’t smoke out of dirty glass. Please!

Light a candle.

Marijuana is legal in many areas, and it’s a normal part of adult life. But, unlike drinking, smoking leaves a lingering smell in the area. It’s an enjoyable smell to many, but it gets old fast when you’re trying to keep your space and your life feeling organized, clean, and classy.

Banishing the weed smell doesn’t have to mean smoking out of the window like dorm-room fugitives back in the dark days of marijuana prohibition. Just open a window (if the temperature is appropriate) and light a nice scented candle. Choose a pleasant smell that will counter the smell of the drug without contrasting too much. Vanilla and lavender will work, and piney smells will mix with and mask the natural marijuana smell. You’ll find lots of elegant scented candle designs that will look great on display (don’t worry, guys, “masculine” options are available). Why not put one right next to your newly upgraded stash box?

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