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Pot and Parenting

Parents who do pot might not be the worst parents after all. Pot and parenting can go hand-in-hand since it allows parents to connect with their kids more and de-stress.

By Aunt MaryPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Marijuana is now, for the most part, mainstream. But there is still work to be done. Over the next few years, we should expect the self-righteous folk, who feel smoking pot is still socially unacceptable and are unwilling to drop the lessons taught to them by misinformation, to continue besmirching those that use marijuana.

This is evident in a recent uproar over pro-parenting and pot articles from across the nation. One San Francisco father, and art dealer, Mark Wolfe, wrote a piece for The New York Times explaining how much of a better father he is when stoned.

The article received a bludgeoning array of nearsighted, hypothetical arguments from people who have clearly never had their smoked a blunt. Letters suggested that he's an unfit parent and should have his children removed from his care as long-disproven stoner stereotypes served as counterarguments.

Child rearing is the most difficult job on the planet — at least, to do well, that is. Showing signs of stress to your children, even when gritting your teeth to conceal them, will likely have an impact on their upbringing.

Negative thoughts can alter the molecules of water, so what makes people think stress won't impact their children?

As I went through all the parenting books I could scrounge up, I noticed common traits expected of good parents. Some of these traits and actions include patience with a child, carefully explaining what they should be doing as opposed to just punishing them for their wrongdoings, constant interaction and having fun with their playtime, mental stimulation with new thoughts and ideas, and, most importantly, showing love.

All of these traits can be amplified by the regular use of marijuana. Smoking marijuana has long been associated with stress relief, an ability to connect with children and your partner, patience, and the ability to express love to others.

Mary Jane vs A Cold Brew

Most people don't have a problem with a parent having a drink after work to "wind down," probably from the aggression-causing caffeine they consumed after stopping by the bar on the way home.

They tell their children to respectfully obey the flickering images on television, Western culture's Soma, displaying nightly carnage on the news and contributing to our celebrity-worshipping society, and proceed to have another whiskey or beer, or maybe a Xanax.

This is socially acceptable behavior, even though alcoholism and addiction destroy more families than adultery. Alcohol dulls the brain, marijuana fuels it.

Consumption Doesn't Equal Suggestion

By no means are stoner parents recommending or suggesting their children use the drug. Medical marijuana patients are sure to tell their kids that it is their "medicine," and as marijuana is, unofficially, a possible cure for cancer, this could open up the doors to a generation that is able to successfully combat many ailments that our generation thought were incurable.

It's difficult to imagine why some people take issue with parents using medical marijuana, then go home and feed their children food containing man-made poisons. It's time to ask ourselves which is worse.

Support for marijuana-using parents is thankfully increasing, with "Stoner Moms" and "Moms for Marijuana" reaching tens of thousands of Facebook fans more and more.

Stoner parents are less prone to violence, which is rare in this increasingly violent world, more in control of their emotional outbreaks and more capable of teaching our youth what is truly right and wrong.

The upswing of stoner parents shows that this generation is finally breaking out of the molds, which weren't constructed by our parents' generation, but by their parents' generation. People are beginning to understand that what they have been taught their whole lives might not be true.

And with this generation of toking parents teaching their children the same, we will finally make steps towards progress.


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