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3 Ways Cannabis Brings You Closer to Your Partner

Cannabis opens doors to deeper intimacy with your boo. Snuggle up, read together, and get your quality time on.

By Milcah HaliliPublished 7 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - June 2017
This picture of my partner, April Flores, and me was taken by Rishió. My partner and I partake in cannabis together.

Your significant other and you have been through a lot. Turn up Solange's "Borderline (An Ode to Self-Care)," and it's not hard to remember why it's so important to have quality relaxing and healing time with your boo. With late capitalism, it can feel impossible to wind down and forget the pressure to keep up with the Jones'. You try to keep up with your many responsibilities and balance home, work, and love life. There's always so much to do and hardly the time to do it.

If buying into the many traps of capitalism isn't your jam, then you may be a social justice warrior with more projects than you actually have time to tackle. You hate capitalism, but you understand the importance of money to survive. The struggle is real for you and the underserved community you advocate and fight for. You've come close to burning out too many times. Either side of the spectrum, you've probably felt overwhelmed by modern life and your relationship has suffered from it.

We been lovers on a mission (all the way)So let's take an intermission

—Borderline (An Ode to Self-Care) by Solange

The cannabis industry understands many modern woes that couples face, and they've cultivated medicine to combat these grievances. Canndescent's Connect flower, Humboldt's Arouse and Passion disposable pens, the Sexxbot strain. These medicines help couples take an intermission from the stresses of their coupled life and encourage them to enjoy their time together. The following are 3 ways that cannabis can help improve and rejuvenate your relationship and take your love to a new level.
  1. Cannabis Strengthens Mental Health
  2. Cannabis Ignites Pleasure
  3. Cannabis Cultivates Creation

Canndescent's Connect #401

This trichome-abundant flower helps you connect with your loved one.

1. Cannabis Strengthens Mental Health

Cannabis has been scientifically proven to impair memories. While this effect can be undesirable, it does provide relief for those who suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder. I am someone who struggles with PTSD, and to be able to consume cannabis and forget the memories haunting me is such a blessing.

Cannabis is also a popular cure for nausea and a lack of appetite. For those struggling with anxiety and eating disorders, cannabis can be a game changer. I suffered from an eating disorder for many years, and I owe cannabis to helping me get into a healthy relationship with food again.

As you may have guessed when I disclosed my PTSD, I also struggle with anxiety. My anxiety sometimes makes me nauseous. Cannabis destroys my nausea and enables me to enjoy food when it's time to eat. I have seen cannabis work for my partner's nausea as well.

Depression doesn't escape cannabis' healing powers either. Strains that cause euphoria make it easier to connect from a place of happiness rather than grief or trauma. When I'm feeling low it makes it hard to have intimacy with my partner, but with the help of an edible, we're laughing together in no time.

Fewer ailments between you and your partner mean fewer relationships hiccups and more fun. Taking your mental health seriously will do wonders for your and your love. Spark up, eat that canna chocolate, hit your vaporizer, take a dab, and enjoy the moments you two have together.

Disclosure: Medical marijuana used along with a holistic health care regiment produces the greatest results rather than using cannabis on its own. I encourage readers to research all the ways they can improve their mental health using diverse practices along with their cannabis use.

2. Cannabis Ignites Pleasure

We know by now that cannabis gives you the munchies and that the cannabis industry is working on strains specific to getting intimate with your lover. There are even cannabis-infused lubricants to make sexy time even better. Food, sex, and cannabis! Sounds like the start of a great date night.

Take it off tonightBreak it off tonightBaby, let's know when to let go—Borderline (An Ode to Self-Care) by Solange

This has happened many times when I've smoked and eaten with my homies: we had to break our mouths-full-of-food silence to say, "Everything tastes better after smoking weed." This is a claim that has also passed between my partner and me after I've cooked us dinner. We've made a similar claim that our orgasms were more intense after adding edibles and our favorite cannabis-infused lube to our playtime.

But there are more ways cannabis ignites pleasure for you and your bae. Some cannabis strains fill your body with a pleasant high, as opposed to a head high, and those strains will make it feel extra good to move your body. If you're looking for this body high, then indicas are your friend.

Dancing and going on hikes can be enhanced with cannabis. Your body can experience a pleasant tingling sensation, you can feel weightless as if you are flying, and all body sensations are heightened. Sightseeing and looking at art can also look more vibrant with THC.

Let's say it together, "Everything is better with cannabis."

3. Cannabis Cultivates Creation

After my partner and I have tackled our mental health for the day and partaken in all the delicious self-care and voluptuous indulgence, we are ready to create. This is where the sativa strains come in and do their magic. We'll light up some of Canndescent's Create and work on a creative project together. We've even started a creative hustle through Cannabis Sativa, which I will mention at the end of this article.

But the energizing characteristics of our beloved herb don't stop there. We've made art together and cleaned together while high. We have spent many nights getting stoned and doing chores. Every time we do so we are effectively cultivating a nest together, a place we call home. This sanctuary is where all our passions and creativity are born.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy my writing? Thirsty for more? Watch out for Fat Flower, a blog I co-founded with my partner, April Flores, set to launch June 24, 2017. Fat Flower is dedicated to connecting cannabis connoisseurs with the best craft cannabis available. For now, join my mailing list here and follow me @SlutSmartSoul.


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  • Amy Johnson2 months ago

    Me & my lover also enjoy partaking in the cannabis for intimacy as well as meditation and stress relief and just to put a smile 😊 on our faces!!! 😂 btw you and your partner are beautiful!!! Hope you have an amazing day!!!

Milcah HaliliWritten by Milcah Halili

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