Orgasm Harder with Cannabis-Infused Oils

Sexual lubrication just got better with cannabis.

Orgasm Harder with Cannabis-Infused Oils
5ML Foria Pleasure

As a soon-to-be-retired adult performer, I owe a lot of my pleasurable life to my professional sexual adventures. It's safe to say I've had more than my fair share of wild days and nights and the privilege to do so in a safe, controlled, and impeccably clean environment. I'm thankful to have led a blessed sensual life thus far. One of the perks of this blessed life is that I've tried more types of lube than the folks who shop at drug stores and grocery stores for their KY Jelly fix.

I hate KY Jelly. Its consistency and its gross taste are a boner killer. I prefer lubrication that is slick and smells and tastes good. If a lube tastes good, then I don't have to say goodbye to oral once the lubrication is applied. That being said, I offer you, fellow stoner, two alternatives for lubricants that feel wonderful, smell amazing, taste great and get you high too.

Foria Pleasure is a must for cannabis users who want to heighten sensation during sensual moments. This lubricant is for anyone with a vulva, anyone with a butt, and anyone who likes to receive a massage with the healing benefits of cannabis. Cannabis is an ancient aphrodisiac that encourages anandamide, a hormone that gives you pleasure, and stimulates dopamine, another "feel good" hormone.

Applied topically, this lubricant will not give you a mental high. The main job of this lube is to act as a relaxant and pain reliever for your sensual parts. Foria will only affect where you apply it for a localized effect. Another perk of Foria is if your lover licks your sensual body parts after Foria was applied to said parts, then the licker will eventually get stoned. The same is true for when you are self-pleasuring and decide to lick your fingers after a good session.

Foria suggests that you allow up to 15 minutes for the lube to fully absorb, which is ample time to engage in some foreplay with your lover or warm yourself up with some caresses and self-massage. Each spray is packed with about 2.5 mg of THC, a nice amount for an entry-level cannabis user or a microdose for a seasoned imbiber. Foria contains coconut oil, making it unfriendly to latex. I repeat, do not use Foria with latex condoms. You will not appreciate the accident when your condom breaks.

Disclaimer: Foria is more like a pre-lubricant, as noted by Ashley Manta on Charlo Greene's The Weed Show when they were shopping at The Pleasure Chest. Foria is great to apply before foreplay, but you'll need extra help from a lubricant that lasts longer and probably doesn't cost as much as Foria. I have tried this product with my partner, and I can definitely vouch for this truth.

Foria now offers a THC-free version of their product called Foria Awaken for those who prefer the absence of the mental high and desire a body high alone.

Next Level Medicinal's Sensual

Next Level Medicinal's Sensual is the first place winner for Best Female Lubricant at The Best of Edibles List Awards in February 2017. This product is very clean, using only organic coconut oil, cacao butter, and cannabis. I absolutely love the smell. After I apply I smell like a cannabis-infused chocolate bar, and it tastes as good as its scent.

I've noticed that cannabis-infused coconut oil absorbs better than coconut oil by itself. I don't enjoy coconut oil as a lubricant for the greasy feeling it leaves behind, but Sensual leaves my skin feeling smooth sans the grease. I was also delightfully surprised by how long the lube lasted. I used the oil with my partner who likes to play rough. Despite the roughhousing Sensual provided us with plenty of lubrication and many servings left over.

Foria Versus Sensual

An advantage Foria has over Sensual is that Foria comes in a spray bottle and is easier to dose. Sensual comes in a jar and makes you do math, which is not something I want to do when I'm getting down. Foria's bottle also makes it more sanitary. If you're dipping your dirty fingers in your Sensual jar, then it might not be a good idea to share unless you're already fluid bonded with your lover.

Sensual's advantage over Foria is that it smells better with the cacao butter. Foria is not unpleasant to taste, but it does leave something to be desired. The taste is subtle, however. If you prefer the taste of your lover's flesh to cacao butter, then Foria would be your go-to.

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