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My Adventure with Mary Jane

by Monica Ruiz 5 years ago in culture
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An adventure I do not regret.

If you had asked me at 16, "Would you ever smoke weed?", I would have probably given you a disgruntled face and said "Never!"

That was bullshit.

Before I had my first encounter with "Mary Jane," cannabis was just something that I grew up seeing as something bad and illegal. However, there was a sense of curiosity in my mind to learn more about it.

The more I read about cannabis in articles, the more I heard debates about the pros and cons of weed, the more I wantedto build my knowledge on the subject and fully understand what all the hype was about.

The only reason why I actually started smoking weed was because of a guy. It's probably -- and most likely is -- a pathetic reason why I started smoking weed in the first place, however, he was my closest ally to put an end to my curiosity. So, after all my excessive research, my boyfriend at the time presented me with a tiny plastic baggy and its contents: weed.

Truth be told, I was quite in shock that it was in my presence. The fact that I had been so in denial that I would never come across a drug -- especially since at the time I was 20 years old and feeling experimental and rebellious going against my morals — was now right in my face and the "moment of truth" was coming.

As I watched my then boyfriend take the out the pack of two blueberry Swishers, so many questions were running through my mind.

For example: "Do you need to take the tobacco out? Is there just one type of blunt wrap you can use? How do you break up the weed? How many blunts can you roll with a dime? How much is a dime?"

You know, I asked all the basic questions whenever you try something new. But rather than answering me, I just watched as he broke up the weed on his blue Kryptonics penny board, and that was the first step in the process.

As I continued to watch him the break up the bud, and watched as he smoothly opened the blunt to take out all the tobacco, I was still amazed. He did everything with caution and so gentle, that I was intrigued at how intricate weed can be to someone. It was almost like a prized possession, or a lost treasure that was so difficult to find. I admired that he had so much knowledge about cannabis, but I was itching to feel the high that weed gives you.

Finally, as he finished rolling the blunt, he sparked the end with his lighter and I continued to watch intensely as some smoke escaped from the blunt and he inhaled the rest in. Observing what I thought was just his method of getting high quicker, he blew out the smoke and began to cough roughly.

He noticed the puzzled looked on my face and chuckled as he kept coughing. When he stopped coughing, he explained that I had to take a big hit, inhale the smoke, and then exhale the smoke so I can feel the "itch in my throat" for lack of better words.

As he passed the blunt to me, I took a deep breath and brought the blunt to my lips. Following what my boyfriend had told me, I inhaled the smoke and quickly felt the rapid burn in the back of my throat. Almost immediately, I exhaled the smoke and began to cough.

An hour and two blunts later, I finally experienced a mind-altering universe. Whatever issue, whatever negative thought, whatever I could possibly think of, seemed to be the least of my problems.

I was uncontrollably laughing, smiling a big giant smile, and felt like I was above the clouds. Everything seemed magical in my alternate universe. The high I experienced relieved me and made me feel happy, almost like it was an alternative therapy, a "getaway" from the cruelty of reality. I was in my own personal nirvana.

After sobering up while walking aimlessly through busy streets, I had the bad case of munchies.

For smoking two blunts for my first time, I was quite impressed at how hungry and how much food I actually ate, but the experience in itself was definitely helpful for the anxious yet depressive part of me that felt like no medication could resolve the severity of my disorders.

However, for a "drug" that is seen so negatively, it truly was purely medicinal for me. Hence, my adventure with Mary Jane, was nothing but good vibes and definitely full of laughter. So why not legalize it?


About the author

Monica Ruiz

I am a musician and blogger. I have an open-mind, am down to earth, and am very creative.

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