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Let the mood ring revival guide you to happiness.

By Wendy WeedlerPublished 7 years ago 7 min read

It’s nice to have a ring to rely on, when you can’t figure out what mood you are in. The mood ring, a fascinating crystal when worn as a set in a ring, changes colors as it responds to your feelings and moods. These colors range from onyx or midnight black, through amber red, topaz yellow, jade green, and lapis blue to a brilliant sapphire or even violet blue. The secret of the stone's changeability is a chemically treated temperature-sensitive crystal bonded to quartz which responds to body heat.

The creator of the mood ring, Josh Reynolds, was a former stockbroker who became interested in biofeedback as a way to become more in tune with himself. Realizing the value of a low-cost portable biofeedback accessory, Reynolds teamed up with Maris Ambats, an electronics scientist, and refined the process for the treated stones. In 1975, they officially invented the mood ring, and Reynolds then began to manufacture the rings himself. The first 1,500 of them, advertised as "Truth Rings," sold out within one week at Bonwit Teller in New York at $45 a piece. Reynolds soon sold over 20,000 rings, and his company started to market them nationwide.

Image via Deviant Art user salsid

A Vibrant Beginning

A suggested color scale used in advertisements for the rings implied to the wearer that onyx or midnight black indicated overwork or nervousness, amber strained or anxious, topaz unsettled, green normal, light blue relaxed and happy, violet blue the ultimate—the highest state of inner feeling. Using the color interpretation as a guide or feedback, the wearer could make a conscious effort to improve his emotional state, or to change his stone color to blue.

1970s talk show host Mike Douglas and guests Shari Lewis, Martin Landau, and Barbara Bain premiered their rings on his then popular talk show. The 90-minute show aired on national television and the guests compared stone colors at the end of the telecast. The rings represented yellow for Ms. Lewis, blue for both Mr. and Mrs. Landau, while Mr. Douglas' ring remained black. If these rings do indeed reflect moods and feelings accompanied by temperature changes in the human body, they may well explain the use of such popular phraseology as: a cold chill up the spine, in the heat of passion, seeing red with anger, being green with envy, cool it, simmer down, in the pink, black magic, hot under the collar, true blue, and red tape.

The use of color to help people solve inner conflicts and establish personality indicators is not a new concept. Color is so prevalent in our natural surroundings that most of us take it for granted. The ancients, however, gave each color a symbol and associated it with natural forces: red, fire; orange or golden yellow, the sun; green, all growing things; blue, the sky or the sea. Astrologers also have assigned certain colors to the planets: the Sun, orange; the Moon, silver; Mercury, rust brown; Venus, green, Mars, red; Jupiter, dark blue; Saturn, black; Uranus, sky blue, Neptune, buff. In addition, because musical tones and light waves are both vibration, musicians think of color as visible sound. On the diatonic scale, the seven tones and their vibratory colors are: C, red; D, orange; E, yellow; F, green; G, blue; A, purple; B, violet. American universities and colleges use a color code in their academic dress to indicate the different branches of learning: red, theology; blue, philosophy; white, arts and letters; green, medicine; purple, law; golden yellow, science; orange, engineering; pink, music.

Illustration by Gemma Correll

Kaleidoscope of Energy

Colors influence your creativity and vitality, your love and anger, your tranquility and passion. Physical science recognizes the fact that the apparent color of an object depends upon the wavelength of the light that it reflects. Today's mediums who read auras (energy fields around the body) often determine the state of the physical, mental and spiritual health or condition of the body by the trueness of the colors in these fields and in the thought forms (visible though pictures) that are contained within the aura. The darker or blacker a color appears, the less healthy the condition be it physical, mental or spiritual. The lighter and truer a color appears indicates a more balanced and harmonious condition vibrating from the body.

It is true that thoughts are things and each has its own relationship with the body. These vibrations are constantly changing though as thoughts and emotions rush to the surface of consciousness to be acknowledged, and the rainbow or color seen by the psychic is kaleidoscopic in nature. On a purely physical level, a few of the colors associated with a healthy body are: arteries, light red; lungs, orange, red and some yellow; bowels, yellow with greenish red; brain, red and all warm colors; heart, dark red; veins, blue; feet, red and all warm colors; head, blue and all cool colors; adrenal gland, bright purple; pineal gland, blue and lavender; pituitary gland, blue and yellow; thyroid gland, green and gold; thymus gland, gold and pink; the medulla oblongata, dark red merging into bluish white at the spine. Psychic healers often mentally direct healing rays of these colors to troubled parts of the body to assist the ailing body in healing itself. It has long been a practice to burn candles of various colors during meditation or prayer. As far back as the 1970’s, Dr. Kenny Kingston, psychic to the stars in Hollywood, suggested that sleeping on sheets of certain colors is an aid to the body and mind during sleep.

Image via Tumblr user The Newborn Witch

The Power to Heal

Color therapy and diagnosis will be important parts of future medical care and treatment. The technique of recording energy fields from the body on film is still in its early stages of development and further study will have to be done before researchers are able to correlate any practical standards. I have taken some of these aura photographs of fingerprints and can assure you that many of these prints or pictures show color changes from the same subject minutes apart after suggestions of thoughts of opposite emotions were introduced. I have also recorded changes in intensity as well as color when a subject went into Transcendental Meditation (TM) and when another subject, a healer, projected healing thoughts while the photographs were being taken. The TM subject produced a brilliant blue corona very close in to the fingertip. In contrast, the healer's entire fingerprint was visible and deep red in color with a larger blue and white corona surrounding the finger tip. More subtle colors of pale pink and lavender are often found around the outer edges of the pictures and seem to also change in density and hue from moment to moment. This leads me to speculate on the possibility of combining the laser beam and holography, and also motion picture film with the Kirlian photography in order to vividly capture in the third dimension a visible aura that perhaps is the same aura that psychics have been familiar with for centuries. It is possible this too will be used as a form of biofeedback in controlling and improving our human inadequacies and emotional ups and downs.

We have traveled from mood rings of the past to color meanings and usage in projected applications in healing of the future. Because light waves make up the universe and are recorded as colors, people sense and recognize the influence of color in their daily lives. If you are unhappy with the conditions around you, try changing the color vibrations that influence these conditions—paint your room, wear a new shirt or scarf. Choose cool colors for rest and relaxation and bright warm colors for fun and frivolity. Most of all, change your inner color vibrations to achieve harmony in mind, body, and spirit. Perhaps it is only a matter of time until Fitbit has a Mood Bit and it vibrates when it thinks you are unhappy to remind you to laugh.

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