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How to Fix Your High Cannabis Tolerance

You love cannabis, maybe a bit too much. Here's how to fix your high cannabis tolerance before it wrecks your finances.

By Ossiana TepfenhartPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

Cannabis is a wonderful herb that has a lot of awesome medical benefits. That's why so many people are attending pro-marijuana rallies and why many states are beginning to unroll plans to legalize weed completely for citizens.

However, as great as cannabis is, there are a lot of people out there who rapidly develop high tolerances to it. I've personally known people who could smoke a quarter without even looking the least bit high.

Having a high tolerance to THC sounds fun, until you realize how much money it'll cost to get the same buzz. Unless you have a ton of money to spend on cannabis, you'll need to know how to fix your high cannabis tolerance.

Speaking as someone who has done it before, here's how you can keep your tolerance low after smoking a ton of pot.

Taking a temporary break is a good way to make sure that your weed tolerance isn't too high.

One of the easiest ways to learn how to fix your high cannabis tolerance is to just give smoking a rest. By the time a month passes by, your cannabis tolerance will probably be way lower — and you also get the added perk of having saved a month's worth of cannabis money.

Even if it's just for a week, you will notice a serious dip in your weed tolerance once you take a quick sobriety break. Your wallet and tolerance levels will thank you, which is why so many people call these small pauses "tolerance breaks."

Another good hack to use involves smoking less weed — and wrapping blunts tighter.

Another way to learn how to fix your high cannabis tolerance deals with just limiting the amount of marijuana you smoke. Sometimes, it's important to remember that moderation is key. No moderation will cause you to have a sky-high tolerance to THC and CBD.

Thinner blunts and less weed consumption overall will eventually impact the tolerance you've built up over the past couple of months. A good way to feel like you're smoking a bunch (without smoking that much) is learning how to make a blunt that's very thin and small.

Even packing your blunts with 20 percent less weed will make a huge impact on your tolerance. You still get the same smoke time, but you end up with less THC in your system. When you switch back to fuller blunts, you will get a harder hit — and a lot more for your money.

If you tend to love pipes more than blunts, then opt for a one-hitter instead.

I'll be honest. A lot of people can't tell you how to fix your high cannabis tolerance without blunts being involved. However, there are fixes you can do in this case, the most popular being to buy a one-hitter for your marijuana consumption.

The small build of one-hitters forces you to reduce your cannabis intake with every pipe you pack. After all, they can only fit smaller amounts of weed in there. They're also small enough to pack for discreet smoke breaks during work or for smoking weed in public.

No, but seriously, switch up your cannabis intake method.

If you want to know how to fix your high cannabis tolerance, one of the easiest ways to do it is to switch up the way you take your THC. According to experts, switching up your intake method can help confuse your body, which in turn can cause you to get a stronger high.

So, if you typically do wax, go for a marijuana margarita. If you regularly smoke joints of the stuff, pull a Martha Stewart and bake some brownies. Switch it up, and you might notice a drop in tolerance.

Take some natural additives.

According to experts who have studied how to fix your high cannabis tolerance, there are certain natural flower extracts that can bolster the effect THC has on you. More specifically, mycrene can help improve cannabinoid reception in your brain.

This chemical is naturally found in ripe mangoes, sweet potatoes, nuts, and broccoli. So, if you need to temporarily lower your tolerance, planning your meal the right way can help you out immensely.

Lastly, exercise can also help you learn how to fix your high cannabis tolerance naturally.

A study that was performed by scientists uncovered that people who recently exercised had their cannabis tolerance reduced by around 15 percent. So, if you're looking to learn how to fix your high cannabis tolerance without chemicals or tolerance breaks, the answer may be at the gym.

Though the gym can help lower cannabis tolerance temporarily, the truth is that taking tolerance breaks is one of the easiest surefire ways to fix a high tolerance to THC. So, while it's a good reason to exercise, it's still not as good a fix as temporary smoking cessation.

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