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How I Grow & Make CBD Topicals

by Sarah Saint-Erth 5 days ago in health

Happy, healthy...High

Me in my natural habitat

First, sorry for the super creepy way this cover photo shows in the preview 😂🎼

Second, topical thc, or cbd will not make you high.

I was born and raised in BC. A Province known for its exceptional marijuana. It’s pretty much a part of the culture here. It’s now legal in many capacities in B.C.

I have been submerged in the industry for 25 years+/-. I have grown it indoors and out, I have smoked it, eaten it, and applied it. I have also augmented my income, by trimming it for other growers.

You could accurately call me a “hippy pot head”. Among other things;)

I have grown it outdoors for the last 7 years and have had amazing success. It’s not called weed by accident mind you. Anyone can grow a plant and make their own anti inflammatory topicals, as well as edible cooking oils, and tinctures.

I like to start from trusted seed, meaning seed from a trusted source. My faves are Seed King, One love, and Beaver Seed co.

Purple Kush

Once you have your seeds, if you are intending to grow them for your own medicinal use, put each seed under your tongue before germinating it in soil. This assists the plant to make medecine specifically for you!

Abundance and Health

When I harvest my crop I trim all leaf off of the bud, this is however NOT GARBAGE.

Dry this leaf and use for cbd oil or tea blends

Ready to be hang dried in a dark room

Keep all “sugar leaf,” stalk, and stem, as well as large solar leaves that remain at time of harvest. You can dry it and use it for extraction as well. I regularly remove large solar leaves, first bi-weekly, then weekly, after buds begin to appear. Not Excessively, but enough so the buds are not crowded out by them. These I chop into small pieces with a pair of scissors into a ziplock bag and freeze. I throw them in my smoothies all winter for a super burst of fresh cbd. I highly recommend a blueberry matcha cbd smoothie when your feeling shit kicked.

Some plants are higher in cbd and lower in thc, some are half and half. Most of the thc in thc dominant plants are in the flowers(buds) meaning that the leaves, stems and stalks have very little to no thc in them, but are chock full of CBD, which is short for Cannabinoids. The base attribute of hemp and marijuana.

Did you know, that human beings actually have an something called and endocannabinoid system? Hmmmmm...

Perhaps we have been imbibing since our cave days to the point it is now part of our DNA!😂

So, to make thc based topicals and tinctures, use the buds. To make cbd dominant topicals, use stalks and leaves. Alternatively there are cbd heavy flowering plants as well.

Once you have trimmed and dried your flowers, stalks and leaves, you will need two ounces of dried material for each 500 millilitre of olive oil. I try and use the best quality possible without it being super high end product. If you prefer a lighter oil, grape seed is best.

Place your two ounces of flower, or stalk and leaf, into a 500 ml mason jar and submerge in olive oil. Make sure no organic matter is above the oil, and that the material is thoroughly saturated.

Label each jar with its start date and its decant date, and it’s contents. Decant just means to remove the oil or tincture from the organic matter. I use good old fashioned cheesecloth. It’s a bit of a messy, and quite frankly, stoned outta your mind process but in my opinion, it is of the highest order of importance to make and access medecines by our own hands.

Also these same methods can be used to make cold extraction medicines with all manner of herbs, and flowers.

Place in a dark, cool, and dry cupboard, and forget about it for at least 6 weeks. The longer the better. If you opt to leave them longer, once every 6 weeks you should check seals and give them a turn to make sure oil is completely dispersed throughout. I often leave them sit for a year to make the most potent and wonderful topicals and tinctures.

I hope you enjoyed this brief tutorial, and that you will give making your very own custom medicines from scratch a try.

Happiness is....CBD Massage oil!

Sarah Saint-Erth
Sarah Saint-Erth
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Sarah Saint-Erth

BC Born activist, Mother & Grandmother. Raised in Music and counter culture. My Pen name is an ode to my matrelineal lineage who are from St Erth. I look forward to entertaining you and growing as a writer.

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