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Cannabis addict the adolescent

by Stefan Rares Baluta about a month ago in industry
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Don't try Cannabis

Marijuana or cannabis are called mixtures, made up of dried seeds and hemp leaves. During smoking it produces a relaxing effect, relieves stress, brings satisfaction. Lately, more and more people are talking about the harmlessness of this substance, because it is considered the lightest narcotic substance. And this makes teenagers start smoking cannabis without seeing anything dangerous or forbidden in it. There are young people who do not drink alcohol and lead a healthy lifestyle but smoke marijuana.

Some US states have legalized this narcotic substance, which is also an argument in defense of cannabis. However, scientists and psychiatrists have shown that even the first cigarette smoked can be a step towards drug addiction. In addition, most marijuana addicts no longer have a negative attitude toward narcotics and decide to try heavier drugs.

Marijuana is cheaper than other narcotics and can be bought anywhere in the country. Accessibility opens up a fun way for teenagers to have fun. Unfortunately, marijuana is sold even in schools - there is always a person who has access to drugs.

Given the high number of cases of cannabinoid addiction in adolescents, parents worry about their children. You really need to know how to fix the problem. Here are some facts that will help you find the addiction:

Assessment of adolescent mood. Poor health, apathy, frequent mood swings, fear or panic are all signs of cannabis use. Cannabis is a psychoactive substance that affects the central nervous system, changes a person's thinking over a period of time;

Use of eye drops. With their help, teenagers reduce the irritation of the eye lining caused by smoking;

You shouldn't draw on your teen's dilated pupils - this is not a sign of cannabis use, as opposed to blushing;

Cognitive disorders are manifested by delayed reaction, memory impairment, difficulty making decisions. The adolescent finds it difficult to maintain the conversation, may laugh for no reason, react strangely to phenomena and events;

In the case of a weak psyche, marijuana can cause paranoia and endless fear, for which there is no reason;

Pay attention to your teen's appetite. When they smoke marijuana, teenagers eat a lot more and can't get enough. Half an hour after a full meal, the child wants to eat something again;

Constant thirst, along with the above symptoms, can also become an indicator of marijuana use.

The treatment of drug addiction in the "Bric" clinic will save the teenager forever from the harmful habit. The treatment should be started as soon as possible, because it is easier to act on the psyche.

Experts recommend that you start treatment as soon as possible, as each dose of the drug destroys the body's cells and causes mental disorders. If the problem is not resolved in time, it can lead to irreversible consequences. These can be short-term and long-term, depending on the duration, frequency of consumption, the particularities of the psyche and the human body. Short-term consequences:

1) Distorted perception of reality;

2)Heart palpitations;

3)Panic attacks;

4)Slowing down the reaction.

When trying the drug for the first time, the teenager does not think about the consequences. Available marijuana, which can sweeten the fun, attracts the attention of young people. Especially since it is important for a teenager to have an image of an adult, who knows a lot about his colleagues. The consequences appear a little later, and then the need for treatment arises.

Before you start a conversation about addiction, you need to make sure that your child is really smoking cannabis. Otherwise, such an accusation could be an impetus for actual drug use. In addition, it is important to evaluate the frequency of consumption - the child smoked with friends or this became his daily, systematic occupation. In any case, the following measures must be taken...


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