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You Choose

A Senryu+

By Judey Kalchik Published 28 days ago Updated 28 days ago 1 min read
You Choose
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Day by Day: Decide

Today is the Day: Restart

Each Day: Begin Anew

By Jakob Owens on Unsplash


O my darlings-

Why are you waiting for the perfect time?

The perfect audience?

The rules and regulations to bend your way?


This is your time; it, and you, are perfect.

You are the author and audience of your life; your heart is longing to watch you soar.

The pages are prepared; they await your decision

( pristine and perfect, a new page each day)

The rules and regulations are margins for you to explore as you write out your own journey.


Decide today that you will write only truth.

Remember: Dreams and wishes are also truth, they are the breaths of what could be.

Include them in your writing so that they may stretch and take on substance.


We have only one true book that falls to us to author.

No one knows how many pages await us.

No one knows the plot twists, cast of characters, s/heroes and dangers.

No one can (or should even try to) write it for us.


Sometimes it seems that we have lost the plot.

Dropped the thread.

Must edit out the characters and decisions.

It feels insurmountable: so much effort and confusion are in the pages already!

Don't lose heart.


Today: Decide. Restart. Begin Anew.


Your comments and observations are always very welcome.

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Poetry, short stories, memories, and a lot of things I think and wish I'd known a long time ago.

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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Comments (13)

  • Dr. Jason Benskin20 days ago

    Very motivational. Tomorrow is a new day always good to reflect and learn.

  • Mariann Carroll26 days ago

    I love this Judey! 🥰Inspirational !!! I hope this get Top Story 📣🏆

  • J. Delaney-Howe26 days ago

    Super motivational. I needed to read this. "Decide. Restart. Begin anew." Great stuff!

  • Babs Iverson27 days ago

    Motivational and loved it!!❤️❤️💕

  • A beautiful poem with the right message. Don't give up, keep penning your story.

  • JBaz28 days ago

    You say all the right words in all the right way. This feels like I am reading inspiration from friend.

  • Christy Munson28 days ago

    Uplifting and inspirational! Lovely!

  • Some excellent inspirationa words

  • Kenny Penn28 days ago

    This is one of the best motivational poems I’ve read in quite awhile, Judey. Gonna go work on my world building a bit 💪

  • Muhammad Safdar28 days ago

    This motivated me to work more.

  • Grz Colm28 days ago

    Nicely Inspiring! I love the idea of a new page each day! I think I have been working on this a little more in life than my writing of late, so I like that it has two parallels! Also excellent use of “lost the plot” Judey! Lolz! 😆😊👍

  • Joe Patterson28 days ago

    Well done.

  • Paul Stewart28 days ago

    Yes! Yes! and more Yes! This is impactful, inspirig, encouraging, motivating and full of some just straight-up solid advice! Well done! Love it.

Judey Kalchik Written by Judey Kalchik

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