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All my life!

Life is not realistic.

By Vichaar Published 21 days ago 1 min read
All my life!
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I kept changing myself all my life!
Whatever I believed,
that too turned out to be a lie all my life!
The lie that I came out of to know the truth,
that too turned out to be a lie all my life!
The lies kept changing like this all my life...

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of these thoughts that human has become the most important species in the world, it is these thoughts that have made man the son of God or the son of Satan, therefore whatever your thoughts may be, they are important.
I am write my thoughts

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Comments (1)

  • Darkos21 days ago

    Yeah sometimes We feel like everything is a lie and we need to feed the illusion of it and where is the real? but then We can start from our own real and the World becomes a different place Great poem gives another view to reflect on !

Vichaar Written by Vichaar

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