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I am something!

Dark poetry

By Vichaar Published about a month ago 1 min read
I am something!
Photo by Yoko Correia Nishimiya on Unsplash

I am something else outside !

Something else inside !

Something else on the road !

Something else at home !

Something else at night !

Something else during the day !

I am not just me !

I am also something else !

I am not just me !

I also have ten-twenty faces

They are also something else !

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of these thoughts that human has become the most important species in the world, it is these thoughts that have made man the son of God or the son of Satan, therefore whatever your thoughts may be, they are important.
I am write my thoughts

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  • Siyabulela Mchila26 days ago

    I am the man of many characters, they once said to me

Vichaar Written by Vichaar

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