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Whispers of the Misty Wood

Finding Courage in Nature's Embrace

By Ayanronbi FaithPublished 26 days ago 1 min read

In the heart of a misty wood,

Where silence whispers, understood,

A lone figure sits on the forest floor,

A story untold, a heart unsure.

Tall trees reach out, branches bare,

In the foggy air, they stand with care,

Like ancient guards, they watch the past,

Where time moves slow, shadows cast.

She sits alone, with a weary sigh,

Lost in the woods, beneath the sky,

With a heavy backpack, dreams confined,

Seeking the path she’s yet to find.

Leaves, once green, now brown and dry,

Crackle beneath her, a gentle sigh,

Each step she takes, trails she’s made,

Led to this moment, in the shade.

Her hair dances in the breeze,

Whispers of destiny, caught with ease,

Eyes downcast, yet seeking more,

Hearing the forest’s lore.

Mist envelopes, a shroud so light,

Day and night blend, out of sight,

A veil of secrets, thin yet deep,

Where dreams awake, fears they seep.

In solitude, she finds her peace,

Worries cease, worries cease,

In the trees, nature’s embrace,

Confronting thoughts, finding space.

The journey ends, or just begun,

Under the sun, under the sun,

The fog hides the distant view,

But heart knows the true path.

In stillness, she finds strength,

Resolve to go to any length,

To face the world, to find her way,

With the dawn of a brand new day.

For in the forest, lost and found,

She understands, where she is bound,

Not in shadows, doubt or fear,

In the light that draws her near.

With each breath, she rises tall,

Answering life’s call,

The mist may linger, but soon it clears,

Revealing the path through all her tears.

So she stands, with purpose bright,

Wanderer poised to take flight,

In the heart of the wood, where silence speaks,

She finds the courage that she seeks.

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Ayanronbi Faith

Creative writer from a far away land who loves fiction, mystery, satisfying curiosity, facts, news and poetry. Take a chance, you'll be thoroughly entertained and amazed.

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Comments (1)

  • Christopher ayo22 days ago

    I love this

Ayanronbi FaithWritten by Ayanronbi Faith

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