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"Whispers of Love: A Poetic Ode to Love Birds

Celebrating the Eternal Dance of Avian Romance"

By ARJ GamingytPublished about a month ago 1 min read
 "Whispers of Love: A Poetic Ode to Love Birds
Photo by Roi Dimor on Unsplash

In a realm where azure skies kiss earth's gentle hue,

Two souls entwined, in love's eternal view.

They soar as one, in harmonious flight,

Love's melody whispers through the night.

In their nest, a sanctuary of affection's grace,

Where every beat of their hearts finds its place.

With tender care, they build dreams anew,

In the warmth of love's eternal dew.

Their plumage adorned with hues divine,

Reflecting the colors of love's design.

With each flutter, a symphony they compose,

In the language only true lovers know.

Through storms they weather, and winds they brave,

Their bond unbroken, souls they save.

For in love's embrace, they find their song,

A melody sweet, forever lifelong.

Oh, lovebirds, with wings unfurled,

In your flight, let love be twirled.

May your journey, through skies above,

Be a testament to eternal love.

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