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Where Everyone Is Welcome

no, not church

By Donna ReneePublished 7 months ago • 1 min read
Where Everyone Is Welcome
Photo by Jamie Taylor on Unsplash

If I had the chance to introduce a visitor to Earth

I'd take her to my favorite place to prove to her our worth

A building full of stories where imaginations soar

And friendly people greet you when you step inside the door

Yes, they greet you quietly perhaps with just a smile

but everyone is welcome to come in and stay awhile

Doesn't matter if you drove or walked or took a bus

You are welcome in this place to come and read with us!

No one would even care if she had legs or tentacles

(they might inquire though about her summer reading goals)

I'd show her stacks of well loved tomes and shelves with empty space

(because the books were all checked out by children of our race)

Of course she'd need to see how a librarian reacts

when asked by eager eyes for books of poetry or facts

With a frown of concentration but a light upon their face

They'll accept the challenge with confidence and grace

They'll return within a moment (their back bent from the strain)

holding fourteen books that fit the bill for "realistic train"

Then they're off to host a class on how to use computers

or how to build a resume, or make your garden cuter

My guest will be impressed I'm sure and probably in awe

of how much information we have stored within these walls

I'll show her stories that are sure to spark imagination,

but be careful to steer clear of books on alien invasion!

Created with DALL E 2, prompt "an alien reading a book in a library"


About the Creator

Donna Renee

Hi! Thanks for reading! My hobbies include making coffee, drinking coffee, and starting to write a story and then rage-deleting it when I get the slightest bit frustrated.

Work in Progress: WOWH, cozy mystery (paranormal elements)


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  • Test6 months ago

    Donna your poem beautifully captures the essence of a welcoming and diverse community, embracing a love for literature and knowledge. The imagery of a building filled with stories, friendly faces, and the joy of reading paints a vivid picture.

  • Donna Fox (HKB)6 months ago

    I can't believe I missed this!! I love this, such a great idea to being the aliens to the library!! Very clever and so well written! Nicely done Donna!!

  • Grz Colm7 months ago

    I legitimately think they’d like to go the library Donna, so this is a good choice for the entry!! 😄😊👏📚 Lol about being asked about their “summer reading goals!”. 😆

  • Babs Iverson7 months ago

    Terrific!!! 👽 The library is a wondrous place and perfect placw to take a friend or alien. Love this cheerful and fun poem!!!❤️❤️💕

  • Teresa Renton7 months ago

    Enjoyed this fun refreshing take on the challenge

  • ThatWriterWoman7 months ago

    Brilliant Donna!! I'm so glad you chose a library! It is the perfect place to take an alien! I love the way you described the staff - we do try our best with our bad backs! I love this!!

  • Alexander McEvoy7 months ago

    I would definitely steer them away from Science fiction... and most of the history section if we want to teach them that we're friendly. What a brilliant idea! I had never considered taking them to the one place that truly and genuinely welcomes everyone and rejects all forms of hate. Genius!

  • Kendall Defoe 7 months ago

    This works...although I might not take them to the sci-fi section (too much laughter would be provoked)! ;)

  • Leslie Writes7 months ago

    This is perfect *chef’s kiss 😘🤌

  • Diani Alvarenga7 months ago

    Amazing poems!!

  • L.C. Schäfer7 months ago

    I hope we never lose libraries. They deserve this ode, for sure!

  • No, not church! Hahahahahahahahaha! That was awesome! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I also loved your poem! Libraries are the best!

  • Mohammed Darasi7 months ago

    Great poem Donna 😊. Love the last line as well.. we want to spark imagination, but definitely not on that topic 🤣. I haven't been to a library or a book store in so long honestly 😞. I need to do it at some point

  • Lamar Wiggins7 months ago

    lol. That was nice of you to take her to the library. Makes wonder what books an alien would check out first🤔. Loved your poem, Donna.

  • Kenny Penn7 months ago

    Great poem, Donna! I enjoyed the whole thing, but got the best chuckle out of your subtitle. On a side note, some of my best memories are in libraries and bookstores.

  • Caroline Craven7 months ago

    I love libraries. And bookstores. I think it’s the smell. I know that sounds weird! Anyway! Great poem! I love this!

  • Novel Allen7 months ago

    The library is my favorite place. I am looking at my summer reading gifts, my tote, water bottle and post it notebook, which i got just for signing up, while they offer prizes for reading. Such summer fun. Wish I really had an alien to accompany me though. This was great.

  • Mark Gagnon7 months ago

    In Asimova’ s series he uses libraries as the base to regenerate society. You chose wisely!

  • The only thing not welcome is noise. While they've been extremely quiet among us so far, if they're going to come out into the open they might need to be clued in on that.

  • Stephanie Hoogstad7 months ago

    Great poem! The picture at the end is a nice touch, too.

  • Amazing 😃❤️✌️💯📝

  • Heather Hubler7 months ago

    Love, love, love!!! Perfect place to go. Wonderful cadence and rhyming :)

  • ema7 months ago

    Great idea! I am just thinking of the face of the librarian in my town 😵😂

  • Cathy holmes7 months ago

    Thus is wonderful. I took my alien friend the library too. Great minds! 😁

  • Kristen Balyeat7 months ago

    Loved your subtitle 😂! What a sweet and wonderful poem, Donna! One of my favorite spots to frequent, and your words were a perfect description with impeccable rhyme and flow! 🙌🏽💞💫👽📖

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