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Unknown arthropod of the sea

A strange dream

By CadmaPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

The ocean’s eyes twinkled like shiny sapphire

Wooden unpainted crates stretched like a maze

Unwillingly walking across the crates floating

Staring deep into the ocean’s winking gestures

Walking slowly across the crates

Abruptly a hairy blue creature with turquoise eyes appears

It climbs on top of the crate before me

Fear gathers in my heart & worried about drowning

Standing still in fear, while taking a deeper look to see schools of fish

The fish surrounded the unknown blue creature with anthropoidic features

The creature refused to move from the path

The fish below looked hungry and I wonder if the creature needs protection

I refuse to jump into the water to go around this creature

Leaning in gingerly to reach the creature out of the curiosity

At this moment a great white shark appears from my peripheral vision

Then a purple octopus appears on the other side of the crate.

I pick him up just as they aim for the crate unsuccessfully

The unknown arthropod stays behind me as we continue to walk

We walk the path provided by the crates

We head towards a small yacht in the middle of the ocean

As we board the yacht; everything goes black

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A sweetie pie with fire in her eyes

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