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Under The Pale Of The Moon

Dream Journal Series - Soul Exchange

By CyCyPublished 6 months ago 2 min read
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Under The Pale Of The Moon

The rain pitter-pattered from the gloomy skies

And the storm is reflected in her eyes.

Crossed the bridge of no return.

There was no one else to mourn.

The fire in her heart was set ablaze,

Yet her courage waned.

Vengeance for her people she sought

But her soul longed for more.

By the seas where she sang their songs.

Bided her time under the pale of the moon.

Her land was ravaged by the violent war

And the Earth was scorched to the ground.

Dear lord up in the sky,

Or any God who may lend an ear,

How dare you forsake the people

Who had done nothing but exist?!

Taken she was.

Her innocence was snatched away.

The fair men gleefully took their bounty

And danced they did,

On top of the freshly dug graves.

By the seas where she sang their songs.

Under the pale of the moon,

Nowhere else to go,

Nowhere to call home.

So, she took the matter into her own hands,

And held the knife against their throats.

One by one she took justice as her own,

And razed their tents under the new moon.

She cried her people's songs by the seas

And rejoiced under the pale of the moon.

She danced upon the fair men's ashes.

There was nowhere else to go.

So when the flames in her heart died down,

She decided that it was time to go home.

She sang the songs of her people

As she swam deep into the sea.

There was nowhere else to go.

It was time for her to go home.


 - -

Hi, I'm CyCy!

Thank you for reading this dark poetry. I truly appreciate it!

This poem/musical score came to me as a nightmare. Her hometown was ravaged by the war and even though she got her revenge, she decided that there was nothing else worth living for.

Shout out to one of my faves, Phoebus Apollo 🖤

Thanks for singing these poems, guiding me with composing music, and showing me different types of art.

A true bestie here. xo

P.S. Most of my work from now on will be originally published on my Medium Account. I find that Medium allows me to have more creative space than Vocal Media (the last article I tried to post here got censored and flagged by accident).

P.P.S. To keep up to date on my other pieces, check out my Medium Account and/or sign up for my Newsletter here.

P.P.P.S. Don't worry! I won't be gone forever! My energy would just be more focused on Medium, and I will try to repost my content from there to here too.

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  • Natalie Demoss6 months ago

    I want to know more of this story. Maybe you should consider writing this as a full length tale.

  • This felt so liberating! Such a beautifully written poem! I loved it so much!

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