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Tongues Unite

A Linguistic Anthem Against Racism

By Mogomotsi MoremiPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

In realms where prejudice rears its vile head,

A battle cries out, a plea to be spread,

A poem emerges, a bastion of light,

Against racism's darkness, we unite.

Let words flow, a tapestry rich and diverse,

Linguistic alchemy, a potent verse,

To decry the notions that divide and maim,

And celebrate unity, in the language's name.

For prejudice, a demon that we must face,

Its tendrils entwined, in society's embrace,

Yet let our lexicons, like swords, be sharp,

To pierce the armour of hate, tear it apart.

In polyglot harmonies, let voices rise,

A symphony of empathy, to mesmerize,

With erudite cadence, we craft our plea,

To banish racism, from hearts set free.

Observe the panorama, a cultural mosaic,

Where tongues intertwine, with grace and audacity,

Through sesquipedalian phrases, we implore,

To shatter walls, and stereotypes to ignore.

Let's dabble in verbiage, both grand and profound,

To deconstruct bias, tear barriers down,

For each arcane word, a weapon we wield,

Against ignorance's grip, to truth, we yield.

Unleash the lexicons, a linguistic might,

Express the pain, the struggles, the fight,

Engulfed in mellifluous syntax, we soar,

To extinguish racism, forevermore.

With eloquent metaphor, let's paint the scene,

Of unity, acceptance, a world serene,

Where diversity's tapestry proudly weaves,

An ode to humanity, in words it believes.

From babel of tongues, let harmony arise,

With difficult words, we philosophize,

Against racism's torrents, a resolute storm,

We champion compassion, and hearts to transform.

So let our words resonate, fierce and clear,

A symposium of unity, drawing near,

With linguistic prowess, let's take a stand,

For a world where racism is banished from our land.


About the Creator

Mogomotsi Moremi

Author and Web developer

Telling stories, one word at a time. Bringing worlds to life through my books and articles. #WriterLife #NeverGiveUp

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