To Be PC

For you to feel as you feel right

To Be PC

I know how to be politically correct

I just choose not to be.

All these obvious niceties

That light their face up so sadly;

More polite than truth!

We can’t call them midgets

Or make fun of their height

Because they are vertically challenged;

An image of God encouraging them to jump

And every time they try so hard

They hit the ground with a thump.

We can’t call them religious nuts

But accept whatever’s done

And just bend over backwards

So they can have their fun.

We can’t call them foreign

We must say they’re one of us

So please take our jobs and money

To hell with the rest of us!

We can’t hit a child

Even if they did wrong

We must tell them it’s alright

Then tell them to run along!

If only I could tell them

What it is I see

But no I must stay quiet

As it’s a fucking democracy.

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