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Time Travels

by John Ridgway 3 years ago in social commentary
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The shocking obvious

The bare bones of the situation is wealthy lifestyles

create piles of bodies

billionaires and trillionaires and millionaires

live too far removed from the starved corpses

to smell the stench

market Calvinists

the wealthy

pretend feigned ignorance makes innocence

don't give a thought to a million a year


stomachs grossly distended

under rib bones pushing through

their skin

laying dead wherever

dire fate

has them fall

their children's children

will live in what they have done

the historic echoes of their inhumanity

skies brown

birds sang their last songs

bees long gone

they will stand up on their cancerous legs

pull the portrait's of their ancestor's down from the mantels

try to burn their memories into black dust

curse them for trading the very atmosphere of the earth

for their Almighty Mansions, SVU's and swimming pools

without a thought

let alone a fight

let alone the right

social commentary

About the author

John Ridgway

I have five published books, wrote for two small tv shows, hosted the comedy hit PEACE AND PIPEDREAMS, playing 14 comedy characters plus... on FEARLESS RADIO. I also consult for the intelligence community in various capacities.

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  • John Burdenabout 6 hours ago

    This is one of the greatest writers of his generation. Unfortunately he ran into problems with the government, who repressed his work. He five books on LULU, three you can get for free, WAKING UP JESUS, about when he was classically brainwashed, and used by hidden intelligence concerns on a mission that he refused to help with, once he realized how dark their intentions were... a book of comedy, The Religious Psycho Killer's Shit List, and ONE WAR. One of his five major's in university was Anthropology with an emphasis on Military Intelligence, and he writes this one in three triptychs, one based on a Navy Seal during operation Phoenix, another on a poet who writes about Iran Contra, killing the character based slightly on Gary Webb, who broke Iran Contra, and later, after Ridgway wrote his book, committed 'suicide' rather miraculously with two bullets into the back. Casey, the Reagan CIA director was scheduled to go before congress on this matter, and had a brain tumor blow out his brain three days before.

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