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Judaeo-Christian Corporate Lifestyling

by John Ridgway 3 years ago in social commentary
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Run Away


they will capture you with sweet words of seduction

whisper honey and cream into your ears

promise twenty acres and a mule

sign a contract with your nation

anything to get behind you

to plunge the knife deep into your back

so they can sell your meat

to your children

nothing can stop

the mental slave traders

the Judaea-Christian corporate marauders

sailing the seas of our collective consciousness

so sick of the fucking corporate

excuses for killing me

this whore of a world is all played out

watch it die


goes the gun in my head

social commentary

About the author

John Ridgway

I have five published books, wrote for two small tv shows, hosted the comedy hit PEACE AND PIPEDREAMS, playing 14 comedy characters plus... on FEARLESS RADIO. I also consult for the intelligence community in various capacities.

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