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Time or Quality Time


By Sheila L. ChingwaPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Time or Quality Time
Photo by Justin Veenema on Unsplash

Six hundred things

are buzzing through

my mind.


Do this

Do that

Go there

Come here


I am one

only one

I can not

do everything.


I choose

which hoop

which place

deserves my time.


Responsibilities first

which includes

children and grandbabies

Next, my well-being.


I do not punch a clock.

I do not have a set schedule.

I work harder

Than I have ever before.


I give you

an hour of time

I give up

financials stability.


I value you

enough to

spend time with you

value me for my sacrifice.


Friends are priceless

Conversations are needed

the shared meal

enriches our time together.


I feel guilty

when I have

say no

to time for us.


There are times

when I must

beat the pavement

or close the office door.


My no

doesn't mean

I don't care

I just have to care for me too.


One day

I hope you

can see

I do this for moments with thee.


I would rather

have fun

and play

and enjoy our day.


Yet, you know

My days are long

at times

and my phone I silence.


I do so

for me

when I must work

and when I must sleep.


I will not

neglect me

nor jump through hoops

of those who do not understand.


Please show me

some understanding

Please show me care

When I have to decline time.


My time is

not free

to be exploited

on a whim.


My love for you

My respect for you

doesn't mean

I drop everything on a whim.


Respect me

enough to make plans

with me

so I can give you quality.

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About the Creator

Sheila L. Chingwa

Welcome to my world.

Welcome to my thoughts.

I am proud to be a Native American Elder born and raised in Northern Michigan. Thanks to my hard work I have a B.A. in Education and a Masters in Administration and Supervision in Education.

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  • C.S LEWIS3 months ago

    This is a great work you can join my friends and read what i have just prepared for you.

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