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The Price of Fame

Pricing Guide in a Roundabout Way

The Price of Fame
Sometimes I am a bit artsy.

What is the price of fame?

Work, hard work.

lots of hard work.

long days, tough nights, tough nights, long days

work, work, work

mumbling, fighting, painfulness, trying

a bit of inspiration, a lot of creativity

sometimes it's hard to keep inspired,

to capture those smokey wisps of something that makes you feel alive

makes you feel like the sun is shining

the birds are singing

the clouds are happy

and that your empire is building.

sometimes it's hard to keep the happy fog here and the sad fog away

I've said goodbye to a lot of people.

but maybe that's just growing up.

there's a lot that i've needed to pay.

maybe that's the price of fame.

sad poetry
Kelly Thompson
Kelly Thompson
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Kelly Thompson

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