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A Tale of Looking Back


You know, they are bright.

the stage lights, the streetlights, the bar lights, the car lights

it's scary to think I'm at the point where

I have those days that were the good old days, and the bad old days and the meh old day.

I remember those lights that shot up that one year, into the sky

like columns.

big, big columns.

and they wandered and explored and I was just so. freaking. jealous.

I sat at the upright piano and played a song and pretend I was Jo Calderone, you know, the one pretend lady gaga persona that played the piano so cool.

it was neat. it was fun.

looking back it's funny because i'm totally not that man.

I totally couldn't rock that t shirt or those jeans and I wore a suit because I wanted something more in between.

looking back I had no clue who I was.

i still don't.

but now I'm okay with it.

But I still like those lights.

the stage lights, the streetlights, the bar lights and the car lights.

The car lights turned from late nights to early mornings.

the bar lights I just don't see as much.

the streetlights are now a new street just south of the place i'd always be.

and the stage lights...well, i don't see 'em much anymore.

I want to see them again though.

Those columns.

Those big, big columns.

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